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About Grammar Factory

Grammar Factory is a Canadian self-publishing company that helps business leaders write, publish and market non-fiction books that deliver results for their business.

We work with senior executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to build their credibility and establish themselves as leaders in their fields by getting published.

While a lot of business leaders are starting to realize the benefits of writing a book, they don’t know where to start. They have an idea (or a lot of ideas), but don’t know how to get it on paper in a way that’s going to attract new clients, create partnership opportunities and boost their business and personal brand.

If they do get started, they find they run out of steam after the first 5,000 or 10,000 words – they have no idea what to write next and no idea if what they’ve written so far is any good.

And once they’ve finished their first draft, they don’t know how to turn their Word document from a brain dump into a best seller.

That's where we come in. We're degree-qualified publishing experts who have worked with clients in Canada, Australia, the US and Europe, and we can turn your idea to a professional-quality, published book.

  • Our ultimate guide to writing your best book includes a range of free interviews, booklets, webinars and more to help you avoid the mistakes of most entrepreneurs and write an industry-leading book.
  • Our editing services will overhaul your structure, content, tone and language to make your book as compelling, coherent and credible as it can be.
  • And our book publishing services will transform your Word document into a professionally published book in just four months.



Hear what our author-entrepreneur clients have to say about working with Grammar Factory and what it did for them and their business.

Elizabeth Gillam

“If you are a first time author and wondering which publisher to use, I would recommend you speak with Grammar Factory. I would definitely use their services again.”

Esther De La Cruz - Author
Author, Navigating Career Crossroads

Jane Jackson

“Her suggestions made absolute sense and her attention to detail while making adjustments yet keeping the integrity of my message is impressive. Jacqui’s an editor I highly recommend!”

Jane Jackson - Author
Author, Navigating Career Crossroads

Esther De La Cruz

“My writing mentor, Andrew Griffiths, once said that he thought editors should have their name on the front cover and, after working with Jacqui, I know why!”

Esther De La Cruz - Author
Leading Technology Driven Change



We’ve helped hundreds of business owners write and publish books that deliver business results in a wide range of industries. Here is a sample of some of the books we’ve helped launch.