About Grammar Factory - Self-publishing company Melbourne, Australia

Grammar Factory is an Australian self-publishing company that helps business leaders write, publish and market awesome books.

We work with senior corporate executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to build their credibility and establish themselves as leaders in their fields through getting published.

While a lot of business leaders are starting to realise the benefits of writing a book, they don’t know where to start. They have an idea (or a lot of ideas), but don’t know how to get it on paper in a way that’s going to attract new clients, create partnership opportunities and boost their business and personal brand.

If they do get started, they find they run out of steam after the first 5,000 or 10,000 words – they have no idea what to write next and no idea if what they’ve written so far is any good.

And once they’ve finished their first draft, they don’t know how to turn their Word document from a brain dump into a best seller.

That's where we come in. We're degree-qualified publishing experts who have worked with clients in Australia, the US and Europe, and we can turn your idea to a publishable manuscript.

  • ​Our ultimate guide to writing an awesome book includes a range of free interviews, booklets webinars and more to help you avoid the mistakes of most entrepreneurs and write an industry-leading book.
  • Our editing services will overhaul your structure, content, tone and language to make your book as compelling, coherent and credible as it can be.
  • And our book publishing services will transform your Word document into a professionally published book in just four months.

What our clients are saying

Graham HawkinsAuthor, The Future of the Sales Profession

Having previously self-published my first book, I engaged the services of Grammar Factory to help me write my second. Jacqui provided such an amazingly professional publishing service that the whole process became an absolute pleasure.

Jacqui stunned me with her ability to rapidly understand concepts that had taken me a long time to grasp, and her guidance and input into the book writing and publishing process cannot be overstated. As an exceptional writer herself, Jacqui's greatest strength is undoubtedly her ability to listen, and then decipher complex scenarios and make them sound simple on paper.

The results speak for themselves - my book has just become an International Best Seller in four countries across 25 categories, all thanks to Jacqui. Thus, I can't recommend Jacqui highly enough.

Carolyn is a literary genius, or more like a magician. She took something rambling and confused and made it into something cohesive and authoritative. I had to pinch myself to remember it was my book, not someone else's book I was reading.

Carolyn has such a talent – for both making something great from good in a respectful way, as well as providing respectful, encouraging and valuable feedback. At no point did I think, 'ouch, that hurts'.

Plus, how did she know my thoughts better than I knew them? And the little bits of research and the personal knowledge she added were brilliant. I feel like she is the parenting connections guru!

Cherie Pasion, Coach Author, It's Your Birth, Right?
Sophie Pham Author, Pain Is Potential

As a first-time author, I was concerned about the typical grammatical errors and poor expression of my ideas. I was concerned about having an inconsistent tone and being over-inflated in my personal anecdotes. I was also uncertain about my ability to invite the reader to contact me directly.

I am happy that I was able to maintain my authentic voice within the book. I feel that the introduction is now more to-the-point and that the book ends on a more empowering note.

Sara was very compassionate in her communication as well as her editing. She was sensitive to the personal nature of the content, and mindful of its integrity. She provided much reassurance about the quality of the book and of my writing - invaluable for a new writer! She also considered the more political aspects of publishing my book due to its personal and controversial content, and made appropriate recommendations.

I appreciated that Sara was familiar with the subjects of the book, as this definitely helped to tell the right story! You will benefit from working with Sara if you are writing something personal; you are writing something regarding spirituality or philosophy; or you are looking for someone personable to work with!

The entire editing process was efficient, reassuring, and incredibly supportive in the making of the book. This experience makes working with an editor (the right one) seem much less of a daunting process!

Our published books include

Meet the team

​Meet Jacqui

Position: Founder and Publisher
Catch phrase: Saving the world, one apostrophe at a time.
Location: Melbourne, Australia (though I’ve also edited from the UK, the US, France, Morocco, Jordan, Israel, Iran, Turkey, the UAE and India … I have a slight travel problem).
Education: Bachelor in Arts (Professional Writing and Editing) from Monash University.

​Meet Sara

Position: Editor
Catch phrase: Make the right mark!
Location: Middle Earth (also known as New Zealand) has been my home for the last few years
Education: Masters in Theology from the University of Cambridge

​Meet Carolyn

Position: Editor and Chair of the Save the Semicolon Committee
Catch phrase: Keep calm and hire an editor.
Location: Beautiful bayside Melbourne, four blocks from the beach, in the world’s smallest house.
Education: Bachelor of Arts from Melbourne Uni, majoring in English and history, plus a Graduate Diploma in Professional Writing and Speech from La Trobe.