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Should you hire a ghost writer to help write your book?

You want to write a book. In fact, you’ve been wanting to . . .

Client case studies

Meet the expert author who’s changing the face of parenting books

Suni Sánchez is a self-titled ‘fierce champion’ of

The business coach whose book works anytime, anywhere – even when she’s sleeping!

Meet Ingrid.  The business coach whose book works

The business consultant who hit new revenue records after writing a book

Meet Andrew The business consultant who hit new

Self publishing

8 High-Impact Book Goals of the Entrepreneur-Turned-Author

At Grammar Factory, we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs

2020 Reading List – Grammar Factory Year in Books

As in previous years, the Grammar Factory team

Writing for entrepreneurs

Nonfiction book strategy: Linking your book to your business

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs' books fail to drive meaningful

Reader Strategy: How to make your book connect with your customers

As an experienced business-person, you understand the importance

Marketing your book

Should you do an Amazon bestseller campaign if your book isn’t a new release?

A few years ago, one of our publishing

How do you calculate the ROI of your self-published book?

After last week’s post on how long it will

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