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How to incorporate great interviews into your book

You have a great idea for a book – it’s about your area of expertise, you’re passionate about your subject, and you’re already thinking about the cover and marketing. Best of all, you have a large network you can contact for interviews. This is going to be awesome – with your happy clients and your […]

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3 ways to research your book

Following last week’s post, if you think your book could use a bit more research, here are some ideas to get you started.1. Interview expertsInterview some people who are experts in your book’s subject matter. Some of us get stumped on this one, because we think, “well I don’t know any experts,” but you might be surprised.An […]

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How much research does your book need?

One of the questions I often get asked by writers who are in the writing (or planning) process is how much research they need to do for their book.The amount of research you need depends on two things:1Your knowledge as an author, and2The subject of your book.1. Your knowledge as an authorThe more knowledge you have […]

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