Book Blueprint: How any entrepreneur can write an awesome book

“If you have always wanted to write a book, but struggled to get those words out, Book Blueprint will help you achieve your dream.”

Andrew Griffiths, Australia's #1 Small Business Author

  • Save months or even YEARS by avoiding the mistakes made by most entrepreneurs
  • Generate 100s of leads by targeting the wants and needs of your ideal client
  • Double your revenue and establish yourself as a recognised expert by becoming a published author

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What you'll learn in this book

Discover the secrets to writing an awesome nonfiction book...

... even if you're not a writer.

The 3 keys to a bestselling book idea

Discover the difference between books filled with fluff and waffle that no one wants to read, and books filled with credible, actionable advice that fly off the shelves and establish you as an instant expert.

The 5 entrepreneurial book types

Great books come in all shapes and sizes. In Book Blueprint, you'll learn the five book types for entrepreneurs, and which is the best match for you, your business and your readers.

How to create word-of-mouth buzz by engaging your readers

You’ll discover the power of storytelling to make your book memorable and shareable, and how to set your book apart from every other one in your industry by putting your personality on the page.

3 simple questions to answer in every chapter

Discover my fool-proof chapter formula – three simple questions you need to answer to create a credible, coherent and compelling discussion that your readers will love.

How to find the right content

What’s the difference between an 8-page eBook and a 200-page paperback? Content. This secret will transform your book from a brochure to a paperback, and will give you the authority that goes with it.

Bonus online resources

You’ll get instant access to a range of downloadable resources to help you create a blueprint so detailed your book will write itself.

What readers are saying

Book Blueprint 

is SERIOUSLY AWESOME! In four days I went from dithering and procrastinating about writing a book to understanding my own ideas, organising them into something coherent and feeling absolutely confident that I can write a good, useful book. Get your hands on a copy ASAP!

Kathryn Logan

Book Blueprint is truly incredible. This book has helped me come out of the fog and confusion in writing my own book. The step-by-step action points have allowed me to create a full and complete structure of my book that makes writing so simple and easy.

Sharanya Naidoo  
Three Cups Full

If you are planning to write your first book (or even your tenth!) do yourself a favour and spend time upfront with Jacqui Pretty’s Book Blueprint. It is jam-packed with ideas to get you on the right track, especially if you are one of those very right-brained touchy feely entrepreneurs like me! One of the biggest benefits for me was in deciding what style of book I wanted to write. I now go forward with fewer fears and greater confidence.

Annette Baulch 
Oz Tantra

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Meet the author

Jacqui Pretty is the Founder of Grammar Factory, a publishing company that turns entrepreneurs into authors. 

She has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Professional Writing and Editing from Monash University and almost ten years of professional writing and editing experience. Since the launch of Grammar Factory in 2013, she and her team have worked with over 130 authors across a range of industries – including business, finance, health and wellness, travel, marketing, property, hospitality, law, photography, personal development and more.

Although Jacqui’s clients had a mountain of knowledge to share, she continued to encounter the same issues in the books she edited

Often their structures were convoluted, their content was repetitive and there were large gaps in the authors’ arguments, leading her make thousands of changes and cut thousands of words.

What frustrated Jacqui was that all of these issues could have been avoided with a little more guidance in the writing process, and this set her on a journey to create a system that any entrepreneur could use to write an awesome book, regardless of their writing experience. That system became the backbone of her Book Blueprint workshops and book, and is the same system she used to draft her book in just three days.

Jacqui has been invited to speak as a writing and publishing expert by The Entourage, Australia’s largest educator and community of entrepreneurs, and the Key Person of Influence program, dubbed ‘The world’s leading personal brand accelerator’ by the Huffington Post. Her Book Blueprint system was named one of Australian Anthill’s Smart 100 innovations, and she has been featured on Business Insider, Flying Solo, Addicted2Success, MarketingProfs and more.

Many of her clients have become Amazon bestsellers, been featured on national television, landed paid speaking engagements and doubled their revenue. In short, she has witnessed first-hand the power of publishing to transform a business.

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If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to...

  • Stand out in your industry,
  • Become a recognised authority in your field,
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  • Land media appearances, keynote gigs and lucrative partnerships 

Book Blueprint is for you.

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