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What if you could become one of the major influencers in your field?

You know – one of those key people who gets the best clients, charges the top rates, lands all the media appearances and speaking gigs, and who loves their work?

Well I’m going to let you in on a secret...writing a book is one of the fastest ways to establish yourself as a thought leader.

Just look at these stats from a survey of published authors about the impact their book had on their business:

doubled their rates
featured in media
got speaking gigs
grew their business

All as a result of writing a book!

But there’s a catch…

You can’t just write any book. It needs to be a good one.

And that’s where editing comes in.

Author of Secret Mums' Business

Angela Counsel, Naturopath

"My book was a bit of a mish mash when I gave it to Grammar Factory, but they turned it into a real book. The best thing is the feedback I am now getting from my readers. Every person has said that they felt as if I was speaking directly to them. I know that this feedback is due to the excellent editing, which turned a bunch of words and ideas into a structured book!"

Author of Why Clever People Do Dumb Things

Lindsay Spencer-Matthews, Psychologist

"My writing coach said that the editor should be on the front cover. Just working my way through Grammar Factory's structural edit of my book and I can see why... it's my work, but it's been touched by an angel. Thanks!"

Author of Working Your Mojo

Christina Morgan-Meldrum, Change Manager

"[The] guidance and generous, calm feedback has turned a rambling collection of ideas and thoughts into a book with structure and substance I am very proud to put my name to. I had heard the editor makes the book, and I now emphatically agree with that statement, especially with Grammar Factory."


A box of books arrives on your doorstep.

Your books, fresh off the press.

You open the box, a slow grin spreading across your face as you see your name in print.

You pick up a book, savouring its weight in your hand.

And then you start to read.

You cringe as you see a spelling error on page 1. On page 2 there’s a word you thought you used correctly, but now that you see it in print, you’re not so sure. And on page 3...is that apostrophe supposed to be before or after the ‘s’?

That sense of pride dwindles as you notice every little mistake.

And each of the 199 books still in the box is an exact replica of this one.

You wish you'd just hired an editor.

Self-published books have a bad reputation, and rightfully so. They look like they’re self-published, because their writers don’t invest in professional design. They feel like they’re self-published, because their authors skimp on printing, paper stock and typesetting costs.

And they read like they’re self-published, because self-published writers think that spell-check is enough.

If you're ready to turn your 30,000+ word brain dump into

a book worthy of an industry leader,

we can help. 

My name’s Scott MacMillan. Together my team and I share more than a half-century of editing, professional writing and publishing experience. We've worked with over 200 entrepreneurs across Canada, Australia, Asia, the US, the UK and Europe.

While many author-entrepreneurs now understand the value of hiring a graphic designer or investing in professional typesetting, many are still unaware of the immense value an editor can bring to their book. They think they can use spell check, or get a friend to look over it, or they can edit it themselves (after all, they wrote the book – the hardest part is over, right?).

Sadly, Microsoft Word’s spell-check is only right about 30% of the time. It doesn’t understand the difference between "from" and "form", it knows the difference between "it’s" and "its" but frequently recommends the wrong one, and it has no idea when to break the rules. And style or structure? Forget about it.

Scott MacMillan

While it’s great to have a friend look over your work, unless they have professional qualifications in writing and editing, or years of experience in publishing or copywriting, they won't be as effective as an experienced editor.

A qualified, experienced editor doesn’t worry about walking on egg shells. A good editor makes your book as effective as possible for your intended audience, so that your book is a catalyst that establishes you as an expert, instead of it being just an expensive paperweight.

What other entrepreneurs are saying

Peita Diamantidis,

 Financial Planner 

Author,Finance Action Hero

"Having never written a book before, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from the editing process. I am one of those people who re-reads everything I write multiple times and gives a lot of thought to the way the words flow and connect, so in my naivety I thought that perhaps I wouldn't need much editing assistance.

Knowing what I know now, I belly laugh at the fact I ever thought that!

I had over-enthusiastically written a lot of words, and simply figured that was why some books are bigger than others. As it turns out, I had accidentally written two books! Of course this didn't come out until I got my detailed edit back from Grammar Factory, who had taken the time to give me a version leaving everything in one and then a version dividing the content into two.

The changes to the order and layout were both logical and insightful and showed a true understanding of the message I was trying to get across.

My editor also provided a detailed explanation of the changes she was recommending and her thoughts on each section of the book, which helped me clarify where I needed to apply some more energy and were I should stop tinkering and leave it alone.

I would encourage you to get in touch and let Grammar Factory take a look at your 'book baby' - they'll treat it with all the love and respect you would hope for."

Cherie Pasion, Coach

Author, It's Your Birth, Right?

"I just finished reading my book. I think I should say OUR book. Carolyn is a literary genius or more like a magician. She took something rambling and confused and made it into something cohesive and authoritative.

I had to pinch myself to remember it was my book, not someone else's book I was reading. I must be honest that I was trepidatious about getting the version back. But no, what a delight.

Carolyn has such a talent – for both making something great from good in a respectful way, as well as providing respectful, encouraging and valuable feedback. At no point did I think, 'ouch, that hurts'.

I reflected when I was reading, as I witnessed the alchemy unfold, that an editor is really someone who makes dreams real. What an honourable and meaningful profession.

Plus, how did she know my thoughts better than I knew them? And the little bits of research and the personal knowledge she added were brilliant. I feel like she is the parenting connections guru!

In awe. Thank you."

Esther De La Cruz

Author, Leading Technology Driven Change

"As a first-time author I had no idea what to expect from the editing process. After approaching two editors via email, I was so pleasantly surprised that Grammar Factory contacted me and explained the process to me so calmly and clearly. It was an easy choice to wait for them to be available to work on my book.

I couldn't be more impressed with the result of my editor's structural edits, modifications and even additions! What also impressed me was that she would research quotes or other relevant articles that I referenced in my book before suggesting changes.

Even though my book was substantially cut back, the result was a clear, well structured and very professional read. My writing mentor once said that he thought editors should have their name on the front cover and, after working with Grammar Factory, I know why!"

What are the options?


Structural Edit

(30,000-45,000 words)

More than just a proofread... we'll overhaul your structure, content, tone, and language to ensure you publish a brilliant book.

  • Structure overhauled
  • Repetition slashed
  • New content mapped
  • Language corrected

Book in an editing consultation about your book!

Ready to get started?

Warren Otter, Business Consultant

Author, Crank It UP!

"Grammar Factory was able to take my brief and understand what I was trying to put together and brought it into shape, at the same time largely kept my style intact. I was shocked when 7,000 words came out of my initial manuscript and chapters had moved around, but it all made sense and gave it great value.

In the future I would involve my editor at the planning stage, again for the first edit, and once I reworked the book based on the editor’s review I would go back again at least one final time."

Jane Jackson

Author, Navigating Career Crossroads

"When I finally flung my life's work out into the open for review, little did I know the magic Grammar Factory would weave to turn my enthusiastic words into something that actually made sense and people would want to read! At every step of the way Grammar Factory was fabulous to work with - very patient, knowledgeable, timely and always supportive. My editor's suggestions made absolute sense and the attention to detail while making adjustments yet keeping the integrity of my message is impressive. I highly recommend!"

Elizabeth Gillam 

Author, Upsize Your Profits

"I have taken 18 months to write a book about a subject I knew very well. At the end I was worried that I had not got my message across. I had the book edited by another, cheaper editor, but was left feeling uncertain. They really were just spell-checkers and grammar-hounds. When it came back from the original editor, I still had fears that the book was not telling the story I wanted. Enter Grammar Factory...

Grammar Factory took my “baby” and developed it into a responsible teenager. My editor suggested layout changes to make the book a more sensible read. She turned the book into a book I was proud of and one that I am now sure will give my readers what they expect. Her working method was quick and she was always mindful to encapsulate “me” in the book and encouraged me to continue in my unique writing style.

If you are a first time author and wondering which publisher to use, I would recommend you speak with Grammar Factory. I would definitely use their services again."

How do you know we're as good as we say?

With so many freelance editors and writers out there, it's hard to tell who's going to get you the results you want. That's why we give every person who gets in touch free access to our sample edit vault. This vault includes before and after examples of chapters submitted by real Grammar Factory clients.

 By being able to review real client work, you can:

  • See the difference a Grammar Factory edit can make to your book.
  • Compare our edits to the work of different editors to figure out which style would suit you best.
  • Get to know how we work, including the types of changes we make, the feedback we give, and whether our personality and method is a match for you.
  • Decide which type of editing is most appropriate for your book.

Llew Dowley, Copywriter

Author,Crazy Mummy Syndrome

"When I handed my book over to Grammar Factory for editing, I didn't know what to expect. Then, when the edits came through, they sent me two versions of which direction my book could travel.

Needless to say, I took their valuable advice, and have followed my editor's instructions to build my book into a fantastic story. She even loved my sense of humour throughout the book!

It is a great sense of character, when an editor can identify with her client's work just as much as they do. I will not hesitate using Grammar Factory in the future for my follow up books."

Miriam Sandhkuler, Buyer Advocate 

Author, Property Prosperity

"Knowing nothing about editing and having found Grammar Factory via a business networking group, I decided to try out their editing skillset.

I have found my editor to be a very clear communicator. Her editing of my booking and removal of 7,000 words was scary, albeit totally appropriate. Overall, I accepted 95% of her recommendations.

It has also helped to learn that my writing style and sentence structure needed some tweaking, which I hope to continue to benefit from moving forward."

Not sure what you need?

We'd be happy to take a look at two chapters from your book - your best chapter and your weakest chapter. Based on this, we'll give you a professional opinion on how much work your manuscript needs.