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Grammar Factory Publishing is the premier self-publishing solution for entrepreneurial business owners who understand the benefits that come from being a published author.

Our clients work with us for a variety of reasons, but invariably, they have both tactical ‘writing and publishing’ questions, as well as more fundamental and strategic business goals they’re looking to achieve.

How do you get from idea to manuscript to published book?

If you’re like the business owners we’ve worked with over the past 6+ years, you have real, practical nuts-and-bolts questions about writing and publishing your book, for example:

  • You may have already committed to writing and publishing but have struggled to finish or even start.
  • While you understand the value that you’d get from becoming a published author, you can’t imagine where in the world you’d find the time to make it happen.
  • Or maybe you’ve already written your first draft, but you wonder if it’s good enough, if it will help or hurt your reputation, and if it will deliver the results you’re looking for

More fundamentally, however, our clients aren’t publishing a book as a vanity project, or to check an item off their bucket-list.

How does your book need to impact your business to deliver ROI?

If you’re like our talented and ambitious author-entrepreneurs, you’ve already seen success in your business but have now set your sights higher, and you believe that publishing a professional, high-quality book offers vital, strategic leverage that will help you achieve this goal.

For example:

  • You do excellent work and have a strong track record of delivering results for your clients but want to increase and broaden your credibility and authority with prospective clients, media, event organizers, and other strategic partners whose attention is hard to get.
  • You may find you’re sharing the same advice or discussing the same topics over and over again, eating up time you could spend helping your clients and seeking out new people to serve.
  • Maybe you’re frustrated by the quality of leads you’re getting, especially from online and social channels. You end up spending too much time having sales discussions that never convert, and as a result, your sales cycle is much longer than you’d like.
  • Perhaps your ability to grow your business is limited by the hours you can spend with clients one-on-one or by your geographic location and you want to shift towards a model that works 24x7, even though you can’t.
  • Or maybe you feel you should be charging higher rates but have had trouble doing so as prospects aren’t clear on how your service is differentiated compared to your competitors.

Whatever your goals, Grammar Factory publishing services are designed to turn your draft manuscript into a high-caliber, professionally published book that you can proudly share with clients, prospects, and influencers, or sell directly and through our partner network of more than 40,000 online and physical retailers worldwide.

Will publishing a book deliver tangible results for your business?

We’ve already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you across such diverse fields as Real Estate, Financial Planning, Marketing, Personal Fitness, Nutrition, Personal Development, Business Consulting, Coaching, and more to write and publish impactful books that grow their business.

And did their book deliver?

Here’s what they told us happened after publishing their book:

  1. 86% said their business grew with more than a third reporting their earnings had doubled.
  2. They received media opportunities – 63% were featured in online magazines, 43% in newspapers, 33% on the radio, and 10% on TV.
  3. They used their book to secure strategic partnerships – 74% finding new referral partners, 42% getting distribution partners, and 26% partnering with the big brands in their industry.

Are we the right publisher to help you get where you want to go?

Not knowing your specific situation, we can’t yet say, but once we have the chance to get to know each other, we’ll tell you very honestly whether we think we are, or if there is another publisher or publishing model that would better suite you.

For now, we’ll share what we can to help you decide if you think we might be a good fit. If based on what you read, you think we can help, then let’s talk.

Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, we find that our publishing model and packages are highly effective in delivering results for: Established, business owners of 6-7 figure annual revenue service businesses, whose success is heavily dependent on their personal profile and authority who are ready to publish a business or self-help book related to their area of expertise.

Why? Because these businesses have a foundation of revenue that can pay-back based on the impacts that a well-crafted publishing strategy can deliver. You book creates ROI by impacting metrics like sales funnel conversion rates, average deal size, lifetime customer value, and retention rates. While less established businesses will see positive impact on these same metrics, the absolute dollar benefit will not typically offset the up-front investment.

If you don’t fit into this group but think there may be other reasons why publishing is important to your strategy, let’s chat and figure it out together.

What makes Grammar Factory different from other publishers and self-publishing companies?

Our authors tell us that there are 5 major reasons why they see Grammar Factory as the self-publishing partner of choice for their books and their business.

1. We’re entrepreneur-minded and focused on driving your business results.

We’re a business-minded publisher that serves entrepreneurs and business leaders exclusively. We don’t dabble in fiction, poetry, or kids’ books. Rather, we’re focused 100% on publishing books that delivers results for you and your business. While our editors are degree-qualified to help you put your best words forward, our Executive Publisher is a 20+ year media industry veteran with top-tier strategy consulting and corporate executive experience across 3 continents. Combined, we’re ready, willing and able to publish not only a non-fiction book, but a high-impact expertise-based book that builds your brand and grows your business.

“My editor stunned me with her ability to rapidly understand concepts that had taken me a long time to grasp, and her guidance and input into the book writing process cannot be overstated. As an exceptional writer herself, her greatest strength was undoubtedly her ability to listen, and then decipher complex scenarios and make them sound simple on paper.”

Graham Hawkins

Author, "The Future of the Sales Profession"

[In] just one day, I got more clarity about my message and services than I've had in the last two years! In one brilliant stroke [Grammar Factory] made a small but laser-focused tweak in the way I present my message, giving me exponential reach to more clients. Looking back on it, it should have been obvious, but I never saw it, even after 2 years of being in business.

Kim Luret

Women's Empowerment Coach & Author, "How to Model in Paris"

2. We’re uncompromising on editorial and publishing quality to enhance rather than detract from your brand.

We’re entirely committed to quality, both quality of service and to the quality of your published book. Every Grammar Factory publishing package includes 3 rounds of content editing (structural, semi-structural + copyedit, and a final proofread) to hone your document into a well-structured, clear, compelling articulation of your original manuscript. You’ll also benefit from unlimited cover concepts and revisions to make certain that you love not only how your book reads, but how it looks on the shelf, on your desk, and in your clients’ hands.

“[Grammar Factory] took something rambling and confused and made it into something cohesive and authoritative. I had to pinch myself to remember it was my book, not someone else's book I was reading. I must be honest that I was trepidatious about getting the version back. But no, what a delight.”

Cherie Pasion

Coach & Author, "It's Your Birth, Right?"

3. We take the burden off you so you can tend to your clients and your business.

Your 6-person publishing team includes your publisher, 2 editors, cover designer, interior layout designer, and project manager. This team of professionals takes the burden off you so you can focus on your clients and your business. And if your book isn’t written yet, our collaborative ghostwriting or writing support programs can get it done quickly without undue stress on your already packed schedule.

“Grammar Factory is extremely easy to work with and produces excellent content. Their ability to present complex topics in a comprehensive yet readable way led to improved communication with our clients and better ranking in the search engines. Most importantly, the process was always smooth for all parties and delivered on time and on brief.”

Paul Daly


“[Initially] I had the book edited by another cheaper editor but was left feeling uncertain. When it came back, I still had fears it was not telling the story I wanted. Enter Grammar Factory. [My editor] suggested layout changes to make the book a more sensible read and turned it into a book I was proud of and one that will give my readers what they expect.”

Elizabeth Gillam

Franchisee Success Coach & Author, "Upsize Your Profits"

4. We apply proven and proprietary methods to ease your author journey and deliver results.

Our team works to a well-honed and repeatable system that ensures the best outcome possible, every time. For example, our Amazon Bestseller Campaign methodology, when applied to your professionally published book, can reliably rank you as a bestseller in multiple categories and regions to further enhance your professional profile. Still in the writing stage? Our proprietary Book Blueprint method, developed by our founder, Jacqui Pretty, and described in the bestselling book of the same name, guides even the most inexperienced writer from idea to structured and detailed outline in short order, making the rest of the writing process far easier.

“I was about halfway through writing my book when I received a copy of Book Blueprint. I made a pot of tea and for the rest of the day, I just read it. Armed with new methodology and a system, I set about writing the rest of my own.”

Ingrid Thompson

Author, "So You Want to Start a Business?"

“Working with the team at GF has been nothing short of fantastic. From the moment we had our induction to the very last phase of becoming an Amazon bestseller, Grammar Factory have been guiding us toward our dream and goal with unwavering sincerity and professionalism.”

Tarek Chouja & Dan Henderson

Authors, "Purpose Driven Movement"

5. We never take ownership of you’re your content and you get 100% of your royalties, every time.

We believe that your book is your book. That means full creative control, full content rights ownership globally and perpetually, full flexibility in how you use and leverage your book, and 100% ownership of your book royalties. In every Grammar Factory package. Every time.

Grammar Factory Publishing Packages

Grammar Factory publishing packages include the following elements.


Many other self-publishing companies offer entry-level publishing packages that exclude editing (and proofreading in some cases) with you assuming risk and responsibility for the book contents. While this is cheaper and may be acceptable for low-profile projects.

By contrast, all Grammar Factory publishing packages include 3 rounds of edits (structural, semi-structural/copyedit, and a full proofread). The quality and professionalism of your published book is critical, both to the integrity of your brand and to ours.

After an initial call with your Head Editor, your first editing round will take around 3 weeks. Your editor will do whatever is necessary to make sure your book structure is serving your message and your reader. This will include moving content around, eliminating repetition, stripping out un-necessary content and rearranging or re-wording content so that it flows and communicates clearly and succinctly. We’re respectful but we don’t sugar-coat. You’ll get clear, unambiguous notes about the changes made, with those changes tracked so you can review them in detail.

We know you’re busy, so your editor will actually make most of the edits for you, the exception being that they won’t write new content from scratch. However, they will provide very clear guidance about where to add content, why, and the points that should be hit.

Your second edit will involve the same process for any new content but will also re-look at the text as a whole to ensure that it still reads the best it can, and that the overall flow is logical and impactful.

The final edit is a detailed proofread. We always give your manuscript to a second editor so that a fresh pair of eyes can be on the lookout for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other typos that can kill your credibility.

For our Publishing PLUS package, and additional edit is done to adjust content for the audiobook format. For example, describing visual elements that were simply referenced in the text, shortening long or complex URL references, or replacing ‘reader’ with ‘listener’.

If you’ve already had your manuscript professionally edited, we’re happy to review it and give you an opinion on whether it’s ready to move directly into the publishing stage.

Cover design

Professional cover design by our bestseller-ranking design team. We’ll first gather your input to create a design brief, and your designer will create 8-10 concepts. From here, you’ll either see one that grabs you and we’ll iterate that until it’s right. Or, you’ll see elements you like from more than one concept, and we’ll come back with additional concepts that incorporate those elements together. If none of them hit the mark, we’ll take that as input and come back with another set of concepts for review.

Each of our publishing packages include unlimited revisions, so you’re certain to have a cover design that you love.

Interior layout and typesetting

Good interior design can make your book read more easily, make your messages stick, and leave your reader with a more positive feel about the value you’ve added, and the quality of your brand. Your layout artist will start by designing a couple of chapters so you can see how we’ll treat the body text, headings, titles, tables, bulleted and numbered lists, graphic elements, page numbers, and every other minute detail that impacts the effectiveness of your book. Once you’ve reviewed it, we’ll make revisions to the overall template before pulling in the entire, proofread text. At this point, you’ll have another chance to review your book, cover to cover, and flag any final changes you’d like addressed. You can providing up to 25 graphics, charts, tables, diagrams, images, or other visuals with any of our packages.

ISBNs, barcodes, and BISAC codes

As your publisher, we acquire a 13-digit International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for each book format you’re publishing, required for online and physical retail distribution. We’ll also create the barcode required for print versions of your book (eBook and audiobook formats do not require barcodes). Finally, we’ll identify the right BISAC (Book Industry Standards and Communications) codes that categorize your book in online listings and on bookshelves.

National library legal deposit(s)

Most countries have a legal requirement to deposit one or more physical copies of books published in-country with the national library, e.g. The Library of Congress (USA), The National Library of Australia (Australia), Library and Archives Canada (Canada). As your publisher, we’ll register your book with the relevant library or libraries to satisfy this requirement.

eBook conversion

(for Publishing PRO and Publishing PLUS packages)

Your final manuscript with interior layout design and cover artwork are initially designed for printing physical copies of your book. For eBook readers, we’ll convert these files to the eBook formats that will be accepted by eBook platforms and that can be read by all major devices.

Audiobook edit, casting, recording, and packaging

(Publishing PLUS package)

When an audiobook edition is being produced, your editor will do a fourth edit to adjust content for the audiobook format. For example, describing visual elements that were simply referenced in the text, shortening long or complex URL references, or replacing ‘reader’ with ‘listener’. We will then shortlist and cast a narrator that fits your voice and brand, record the audiobook production, and package it for audio distribution. Packaging includes creating the audiobook version of the cover, developing the necessary audio format descriptions and metadata, and assigning a unique ISBN to the audio edition.

Print-on-demand setup for automated printing and fulfillment

Gone are the days of printing 1,000s of books up-front that sit in boxes in your garage until you’ve distributed them all. The modern publishing ecosystem has revolutionized printing and fulfillment and, through our distribution partner, we are able to set your book up so that you can order as many or as few copies of your book as you wish at any time with approximately one week’s notice.

Initial print run

While print-on-demand offers flexibility to order books as needed, your package includes an initial print-run of 50 copies that you can use immediately to give to clients, partners, and your mom. Need more that 50 from the get-go? Let us know and we can easily arrange for whatever volume you need.

Global distribution

(for Publishing PRO and Publishing PLUS packages)

Through our global distribution partnerships, we distribute your print and eBook editions to more than 1,800 online retailers, and provide access to a total network of more than 40,000 online and physical retailers large and small (incl. Amazon, Booktopia, Barnes & Noble, Chapters-Indigo, Kindle, Kobo, Rakuten, etc.)

Full content rights ownership

Business owners especially have been frustrated by limitations imposed by traditional book publishing deals, limiting their ability to give free copies away at events, repurpose content for other promotional reasons, like lead generation, profile building, etc.

With Grammar Factory, you retain 100% of the rights to your book, in all formats and territories, in forever and you have complete flexibility to leverage it however you wish, a vital requirement for maximizing your total return on investment.

International rights management

Depending on your monetization strategy, audience, and topic, you may have opportunities to license your book rights internationally. Through our international rights management partnerships, we can either make your book available for international licensing or set you up so that you can do so directly. We never take any portion of your book royalties, though we do charge a nominal representation fee if you wish to have us manage this on your behalf.

Full creative control

Our expert team will provide strong, professional recommendations on all aspects of your book based on decades of experience. However, you are in control at all times, and unlike traditional publisher/author relationships, you have full approval rights at every stage, and we will not make any changes without you being aware, agreeing, and approving it.

100% net royalties

Your book is your book, and that includes the revenue it generates. We’re very firm on this, as we believe this is the best way to ensure that our incentives are aligned with yours. Traditional and hybrid publishers make all or a portion of their money from taking up to 92% of the sales of your book. While, as a business owner, your primary objective is driving business revenue not book sales, this dynamic means that your publisher doesn’t get paid when you give your book to clients, make it available free on your website as a lead magnet, or hand it out at conferences and events. We believe that a 100% professional service model is the best model to align our incentives with yours, and as a result, you keep every cent that comes in from sales of your books. Full stop.

Core marketing assets

While we also offer deeper marketing packages, every Grammar Factory publishing package includes the core set of marketing assets you need to minimally promote your books. This includes your author bio and photo(s), book synopsis and description, and book thumbnail images.

Marketing consultation and strategy

6-8 weeks before your book is ready to launch, your Publisher will setup a marketing consultation with you to help you plan out your launch and ongoing promotional strategy. The output of this session will be a personalized book and author marketing strategy with tangible actions and recommendations for how to hit the ground running.

Professionally written and published case study

Finally, 6-12 months after your book launch, we’ll interview you and write a professional case study highlighting you, your business, and your book and will distribute it through all our proprietary and third-party channels to increase exposure for you and your book.

Package pricing

We offer three base publishing packages to choose from.

CAD $12,990

Print Publishing

4 months

  • 3 rounds of professional content editing: structural, semi-structural, and proofread
  • Custom cover design with unlimited revisions
  • Custom internal layout design
  • ISBNs, barcodes, BISAC codes, and national library registration(s)
  • Automated print-on-demand and fulfillment
  • 50 copy initial print run of your book
  • Author bio and photos, book synopsis, description, and thumbnail images
  • One-on-one marketing consultation and customized strategy
  • Full creative control
  • Full content rights ownership
  • Optional international rights management
  •  100% net royalties

CAD $19,990

Publishing PLUS

5 months

  • 3 rounds of professional content editing: structural, semi-structural, and proofread
  • Custom cover design with unlimited revisions
  • Custom internal layout design
  • ISBNs, barcodes, BISAC codes, and national library registration(s)
  • Automated print-on-demand and fulfillment
  • 50 copy initial print run of your book
  • Professional eBook design and file conversion
  • Global print & eBook distribution to 1,800+ online retailers
  • Global access to 40,000+ bookstores, online stores, libraries, and wholesalers
  • Additional editing round for audio
  • Narrator casting
  • Recording, full audio production, conversion, and ISBN
  • Audiobook cover design adaptation
  • Global audiobook distribution to up to 40+ retailers and audio platforms
  • 100% of audiobook royalties
  • Author bio and photos, book synopsis, description, and thumbnail images
  • One-on-one marketing consultation and customized strategy
  • Full creative control
  • Full content rights ownership
  • Optional international rights management
  •  100% net royalties

Other ideas? Let us know and we can send you a custom quote.

How long will it take?

For standard books up to 45,000 words, we offer standard time frames for each stage of the publishing process.

And because we map out your publishing timeline up front, you can start planning your marketing strategy in advance, knowing when you’ll see your book in print.

Keep in mind that this is your book, so you’ll be reviewing and providing feedback at every stage of the process. If you do your parts on time, and we do our parts on time (which we always do), you will have a printed book in approximately four months.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to turn your Word document into a book builds your authority and grows your business, book an obligation-free publishing consultation.

In this consultation, you’ll get:

  • Qualified feedback on your book (we ask you to submit the strongest and weakest chapters from your book so we can review it in advance)
  • A personalized publishing timeline, so you know when you’ll be seeing your book in print
  • Access to the secret Grammar Factory sample edit vault, which has before and after examples of chapters submitted by real Grammar Factory clients, so you can see the difference a great edit can make to your book
  • Obligation-free advice on the best publishing approach for your book, including what to look out for when vetting different suppliers
  • Answers to all of your writing and self-publishing questions, based on our experience of helping over 200 entrepreneurs write and publish their books