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Author testimonials

Ian Lees

Author, Becoming a Leader of Leaders

Grammar Factory did fantastic job of taking my book through to publication. The whole process was professional and easy. I felt supported by people who really knew what they were doing and who I felt were really there for me. My experience with Scott and the team was worth every cent. I am so happy with the quality of the final book and also the ongoing support on marketing.

Maree Burgess

Author, Level Up

Highly recommend working with Grammar Factory. Professional, responsive, personal care.

Ilona Charles

Author, Impact HR

I could not speak more highly of Scott and the team. They have been exceptional. This was my first book and first time publishing. They provided all the information I needed to put my mind at rest, they were responsive and took all my 'silly' questions in their stride. They call this self-publishing, but really, they did everything! Thank you so much Scott and team for helping me to produce a wonderful looking book and get it published. The feedback has been amazing!

Andrew Nisbet

Author, The Art of Relationship Selling

Scott and the team were great.

Everything was completed as per the timeline and the quality of editing, knowledge and design was great

Kate Mason

Author, Who is this Monster (or Treasure) in my House?

Look no further!

I cannot fault my journey with the staff and processes of Grammar Factory.Every person that I have dealt with has been respectful and receptive to my ideas, perceptions and points of view. They have given me their professional, constructive help when needed and also their personal point of view when asked for. At all times I have felt valued and very much of the publishing process. The staff are all warm, friendly and welcoming and I look forward to a continued relationship with Grammar Factory in my future ventures. If you are looking for a first class publishing company, look no further, you have found your place.

Author, Your Personal Revolution

Highly recommend, excellent experience!

When it comes to taking an idea and turning it into a book, Grammar Factory is the place you want to turn to. I was extremely happy with the process of editing, cover design, publishing and book launch strategy that Scott and his team provided for me.

Author, The Health Hazard

A good experience and a great outcome - would highly recommend.I was really pleased with the process and outcome achieved from working with Grammar Factory on the publishing of my book. I found the process worked best when I worked directly with the designers and editors and I found them all to be great people who cared about delivering a quality product. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Entrepreneur to Author Select group as I now navigate the path to optimising the value of book in growing my business.

As a first time author, it has been exceptionally valuable to have someone to help with the end-to-end process from editing to book launch! The Grammar Factory team has been great to work with and made the entire process easy and enjoyable.I have no idea how I would have done this without their support. Definite 5 stars!

I'm very grateful for Scott and his team. They understand what it means to be a working professional and they make the process of publishing a book - which can be stressful - seamless. I look forward to hopefully working with them again in the future!

Ciara Lancaster

Author, Reimagine Change

If you are considering working with Grammar Factory Publishing, do it! Working with Scott and the entire team made my journey of becoming an author and giving my readers a book filled with immense value a reality. The structured process and personable approach over 6+ months made all the difference.

I look forward to working together on future projects.

Matthew Webber

Author, Fit for Disruption

I had one of my greatest professional experiences working with Grammar Factory with the editing and publishing of my book 'Fit for Disruption: How to transform your business and thrive in times of rapid change'.

Grammar Factory are true to their focus - and help entrepreneurs to become authors. They helped the process from the start to well beyond the finish, and it has been an outstanding customer experience.

Scott and his team are the ultimate professionals, that understood what I was trying to achieve, and the obstacles that I needed to overcome from the start. They planned, managed, advised and supported at every step, and gave full visibility of what to expect going forward.

The end product was outstanding, and something that I am incredibly proud of. There is no way possible that my book would have been the success that it has been without Grammar Factory. I became a best selling author, my profile as influencer has increased and my business has sky rocketed.

Shaya Lewis-Dermody

Author, Separate Ways

I had never written a book before and had so many ideas in my head that I had been working on for years. I have absolutely no regrets engaging Grammar Factory to assist with the editing process.

Michelle was a fantastic editor. She was able to take my first draft manuscript and completely transform the structure during the first structural edit. The movement of content, creation of chapters and headings, and discarding of many of my words was critical to create what is now an engaging book.

Tarek Chouja and Dan Handerson

Authors, Purpose Driven Movement

"When Dan and I pursued the idea around our book we knew what was required to succeed was the pursuit of a reputable and specialised company that could fulfill the requirements of seeing our dream of an edited and published book realised. The journey took us to Grammar Factory.

Working with the team at GF has been nothing short of fantastic. From the moment we had our induction to the very last phase of becoming an amazon bestseller, GF have been guiding us toward our dream and goal with unwavering sincerity and professionalism.

From our experience we highly regard and recommend GF to meet all your requirements from the beginning to the end of your journey as a potential published author."

Craig Goddard 

Author, 28 Tips for Teenagers

"Had I not contacted Grammar Factory and engaged them to edit and publish my book, it would more than likely still just be an idea and a jumble of words.

My editors were incredibly reassuring and calming mentors. While my ideas were sound, they arranged my words and chapters in a logical concise order and, where necessary, added a little polish. Anyone who feels they have an idea or theme they would like to write about, yet has a reluctance or inability to get started, would greatly benefit from contacting Grammar Factory."

Nick Muxlow

Author, Journey to 100 – How to run your first 100km ultramarathon – and love it

"Carolyn wasn’t just an exceptional editor, she was better! I am absolutely ecstatic with the guidance she has been able to provide throughout the entire process!

Working with Carolyn can be summed up in two words, ‘she cares’.  She cares about you as a budding author and about your book. Her feedback is thoughtful, easy to implement and made writing my first book not only faster and easier but more enjoyable.

I have already recommended Carolyn as an editor to others and will continue to do so in the future. And while I eagerly await my book coming off the printing press I have a feeling that I might be writing a second book in the future. Want a guess at who my editor will be?

Thanks again Carolyn."

David Kennedy

Author, End of the Retirement Age

"Michelle is an outstanding editor who worked with me over many months to transform a disparate collection of ideas into a meaningful narrative. Michelle is a pleasure to work with, and End of the Retirement Age is a vastly better publication for her involvement.

My main challenge was organising a large volume of research and content into a logical structure that provided the reader with relevant insights, stories and strategies. With patience, good humour and brutal honesty (the best kind), Michelle combines an intuitive understanding of a book’s purpose with a relentless focus on the needs of the target audience. She creates order out of chaos, and I owe her a debt of gratitude for helping me take each draft of my book to a new level.

Michelle’s services are ideal if you need an editor to challenge your thinking, keep you accountable to your readership, and ensure your content remains true to the objectives of your book.

Her approach goes well beyond the more generic spelling and grammar review services, and she delivers infinitely more value."

Graham Hawkins

Author, The Future of the Sales Profession

"Having previously self-published my first book, I engaged the services of Grammar Factory to help me write my second. They provided such an amazingly professional service that the whole process became an absolute pleasure.

My editor stunned me with her ability to rapidly understand concepts that had taken me a long time to grasp, and her guidance and input into the book writing process cannot be overstated. As an exceptional writer herself, her greatest strength was undoubtedly her ability to listen, and then decipher complex scenarios and make them sound simple on paper.

The results speak for themselves - my book has just become an International Best Seller in four countries across 25 categories, all thanks to Grammar Factory. Thus, I can't recommend GF highly enough."

Emma Small

Author, Handle with Care

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Carolyn. What brilliant, extensive and comprehensive feedback, suggestions and editing. I am really impressed. I love the chapter headings and you have helped my book's content, language and structure immensely. I am deeply grateful for this and also for your belief in my content and message."

Ingrid Thompson

Author, So You Want to Start a Business?

"I was about halfway through writing my book when I received a copy of Book Blueprint. I made a pot of tea and for the rest of the day, I just read it. Armed with new methodology and a system, I set about writing the rest of my own.

When I received the first edited draft from Sara, I had to stop reading and send an email to thank her for making my book so very readable. Sara had immediately understood what I was trying to say, and she had taken my sometimes clumsy wording and made it understandable and clear.

One of the key comments she made about my first draft was that the second half of the book was much better written than the first half. We know the reason is the structure and methodology I learned from Book Blueprint.

I made all Sara’s suggested changes and now have a book I am enormously proud of, soon to be published to a wide audience. Grammar Factory are terrific support in the writing and editing process."

Cherie Pasion, Coach

Author, It's Your Birth, Right?

"I just finished reading my book. I think I should say OUR book. Carolyn is a literary genius or more like a magician. She took something rambling and confused and made it into something cohesive and authoritative. I had to pinch myself to remember it was my book, not someone else's book I was reading. I must be honest that I was trepidatious about getting the version back. But no, what a delight. Carolyn has such a talent – for both making something great from good in a respectful way, as well as providing respectful, encouraging and valuable feedback. At no point did I think, 'ouch, that hurts'.

I reflected when I was reading, as I witnessed the alchemy unfold, that an editor is really someone who makes dreams real. What an honourable and meaningful profession. Plus, how did she know my thoughts better than I knew them? And the little bits of research and the personal knowledge she added were brilliant. I feel like she is the parenting connections guru!"

Lidia Georgy, Coach

Author, What about Now?

"Oh Jacqui! Thank you so much - I have just started reading my book and just had to stop to write this email before going back. I am so excited to be reading my book, and what's great is that it actually makes sense now. You have helped bring my concepts together so that they flow to deliver the message and fill in some serious gaps. It's great that you understand this concept; your input is beyond words. I am truly grateful and believe 'bumping' into you has been synchronistic. Lots of blessings and love!"

Ben Newsome

Author, Be Amazing

"Working with Sara and the team at Grammar Factory was a blast. Being able to work hand in hand with an experienced editor made all the difference whilst preparing the finished manuscript. It was not just simply ‘proof reading’, Sara took the time to look closely at the content from the reader’s perspective, suggesting additions and removing text where necessary.

Close attention was paid to the structure of the book, the length of the chapters and how to ensure that the book would take the reader on a compelling journey. It was a fantastic experience and one I’m sure to repeat again. I’d recommend Grammar Factory to anyone considering the creation of a book worth reading!"

Sophie Pham

Author, Pain Is Potential

"As a first-time author, there was much to be nervous about, from being able to express correctly to structuring the book to fit its purposes. Coming out with your personal story is an intimidating process and requires technical know-how if the book is to serve its audience. Fortunately, Grammar Factory was able to meet these concerns with guidance and instruction and assisted me greatly in producing my first book. 

I felt confident as a writer, and fully supported in the process from start to finish. I was able to work with an editor who was familiar with my subject, which made the feedback just that much more meaningful. The politics of the personal nature of the book were considered, and the editing was efficient and reassuring. I’m glad to have produced a book still holds my authentic nature. 

Sara was very compassionate in her communication as well as her editing. She was sensitive to the personal nature of the content, and mindful of its integrity. She provided much reassurance about the quality of the book and of my writing - invaluable for a new writer! She also considered the more political aspects of publishing my book due to its personal and controversial content, and made appropriate recommendations.

I appreciated that Sara was familiar with the subjects of the book, as this definitely helped to tell the right story! You will benefit from working with Sara if you are writing something personal; you are writing something regarding spirituality or philosophy; or you are looking for someone personable to work with!

The entire editing process was efficient, reassuring, and incredibly supportive in the making of the book. This experience makes working with an editor (the right one) seem much less of a daunting process!"

Leanne Baker

Author, The Uncommon Sense

"Due to the complexity of the subject matter and my intuitive writing style, I knew that an important part of my writing journey was to work with people who had a clear understanding of what I was trying to achieve. Insightful people who could share in the vision for my book.

I wanted support from professionals with a positive ‘can do’ attitude and that’s exactly what I found at Grammar Factory. My editor Sara enthusiastically threw herself into the project. She identified immediately with my readers and began to shape the content into a coherent and clear structure.

During the editing process I found Sara’s positivity, enthusiasm and encouragement incredibly reassuring. I was so impressed that she managed to shift content and still maintain the authenticity of my voice, whilst at the same time strengthening the book’s message.

I am so proud of what has been achieved and would highly recommend Sara to anyone needing assistance with their editing. Sara is a very talented, intelligent and creative editor. If you have something to say, and you want to say it the best way possible, then in my opinion you need Grammar Factory."

Warren Otter, Business Consultant

Author, Crank It UP!

"Grammar Factory was able to take my brief and understand what I was trying to put together and brought it into shape, at the same time largely keeping my style intact. I was shocked when 7,000 words came out of my initial manuscript and chapters had moved around, but it all made sense and gave it great value.

In the future I would involve my editor at the planning stage, again for the first edit, and once I reworked the book based on the editor’s review I would go back again at least one final time."

Rob Nankervis, Executive Coach


"Having successfully put off writing my book almost beyond the bounds of human endurance, it got cracking officially today through a Book Blueprint workshop with Grammar Factory. Normally it's my job to be pen in hand, butcher's paper at the ready, asking the tough questions to help clients crack through on their strategies. I was certainly on the receiving end today - which was simply karma!

So we now have a book structure into which can be poured all of my musings!"

Christina Morgan-Meldrum, Change Manager

Author, Working Your Mojo

"I was quite worried about writing my book Working Your Mojo. Would it read okay? Would people find it helpful? Would it reflect my personality? Would it be useful or just gathering dust in my garage?

Grammar Factory's guidance and generous and calm feedback have taking a rambling collection of ideas and thoughts to a book with structure and substance I am very proud to put my name to. I had heard the editor makes the book and I now emphatically agree with that statement, especially with Grammar Factory."

Angela Counsel, Naturopath

Author, Secret Mums' Business

"For anyone who is still in the first part of their writing journey and hasn't found an editor yet, I can highly recommend Grammar Factory. My writing coach often says that a good editor will make or break a book, and he is so right.

My book was a bit of a mish mash when I gave it to my editor, but she turned it into a real book for me. The best thing is the feedback I am now getting from my reviewers. Every person who has given me feedback has said that they felt I was writing just for them, as if I was speaking to them because I knew them so well.

I know that the feedback I am receiving is due to the excellent editing job from Grammar Factory, who turned a bunch of words and ideas into a structured book."

Peita Diamantidis, Financial Planner

Author, Finance Action Hero

"Having never written a book before, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from the editing process. I am one of those people who rereads everything I write multiple times and gives a lot of thought to the way the words flow and connect, so in my naivety I thought that perhaps I wouldn't need much editing assistance.

Knowing what I know now, I belly laugh at the fact I ever thought that!

I had over enthusiastically written a lot of words, and simply figured that was why some books are bigger than others. However, in fact, it turns out I had accidentally written two books! 
Of course this didn't come out until I got my detailed edit back from my editor, who had taken the time to give me a version leaving everything in one and then a version dividing the content into two. The changes she made to the order and layout were both logical and insightful and showed a true understanding of the message I was trying to get across.

She also provided a detail explanation of the changes she was recommending and her thoughts on each section of the book, which helped me clarify where I needed to apply some more energy and were I should stop tinkering and leave it alone.

I would encourage you to get in touch with her and let her take a look at your 'book baby' - Grammar Factory will treat it with all the love and respect you would hope for."

Nick Sutherland, Clinical Hypnotherapist


"Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Grammar Factory, whose services and skills helped me to no end at today's Book Blueprint workshop. Some of the best money I have spent recently, I now have some space in my head after unpacking it today and getting the backbone for my book done. Thank you."

Esther De La Cruz, Change Manager

Author, Leading Technology Driven Change

"As a first-time author I had no idea what to expect from the editing process. After approaching two editors via email, I was so pleasantly surprised that Grammar Factory contacted me via phone and explained the process to me so calmly and clearly. It was an easy choice to wait for them to be available to work on my book.

I couldn't be more impressed with the result of my editor's structural edits, modifications and even additions! What also impressed me was that she would research quotes or other relevant articles that I referenced in my book before suggesting changes.

Even though my book was substantially cut back, the result was a clear, well structured and very professional read. My writing mentor once said that he thought editors should have their name on the front cover and, after working with Grammar Factory, I know why!"

Jane Jackson, Career Coach

Author, Navigating Career Crossroads

"When I finally flung my life's work out into the open for review, little did I know the magic Grammar Factory would weave to turn my enthusiastic words into something that actually made sense and people would want to read! At every step of the way my editor was fabulous to work with - very patient, knowledgeable, timely and always supportive. Her suggestions made absolute sense and her attention to detail while making adjustments yet keeping the integrity of my message is impressive. I highly recommend!"

Elizabeth Gillam, Franchisee Success Coach

Author, Upsize Your Profits

"I have taken 18 months to write a book about a subject I know very well. At the end I was worried that I had not got my message across. I had the book edited by another cheaper editor, but was left feeling uncertain. They really were just spell checkers and grammar hounds. When it came back from the original editor, I still had fears that the book was not telling the story I wanted. Enter Grammar Factory...

Grammar Factory took my 'baby' and developed it into a responsible teenager. My editor suggested layout changes to make the book a more sensible read. She turned the book into a book I am proud of and one that I am now sure will give my readers what they expect. Her working method was quick and she was always mindful to encapsulate 'me' in the book and encouraged me to continue in my unique writing style.

If you are a first-time author and wondering which publisher to use, I would recommend you speak with Grammar Factory. I would definitely use their services again."

Lindsay Spencer-Matthews, Psychologist

Author, Why Clever People Do Dumb Things

"My writing coach said that the editor should be on the front cover. Just working my way through Grammar Factory's structural edit of my book and I can see why. It is my work but it has been touched by an angel. Thanks!"

Natasha Vanzetti, Discovery Coach


"You’re a star! Not only have you cleared the fog around what I was writing about but you’ve helped me merge my two book ideas into one that I’m now busting to write.

After writing my initial book I realised I’d written from my head and not my heart and didn’t want to publish it. I then created two new book ideas but was stuck on which one to start on. Your session and guidance allowed me to see how the two ideas worked together and your suggested outline made total sense. Now I have a plan that lights me up and has given me the confidence to write that book that really matters to me.

I’m feeling really excited about bringing my new book to life and believe this [Book Blueprint] workshop has been crucial in getting me to move forward with this, thank you!"

Miriam Sandhkuler, Buyer Advocate

Author, Property Prosperity

"Knowing nothing about editing and having found Grammar Factory via a business networking group, I decided to try them out.

I have found my editor to be a very clear communicator. Her editing of my booking and removal of 7,000 words was scary, albeit totally appropriate. Overall I accepted 95% of her recommendations. It has also helped to learn that my writing style and sentence structure needed some tweaking, which I hope to continue to benefit from moving forward."

Llew Dowley, Copywriter

Author, Crazy Mummy Syndrome

"When I handed my book over to Grammar Factory for editing, I didn't know what to expect. Then, when my editor's edits came through, she sent me two versions of which direction my book could travel. Needless to say, I took her valuable advice, and have followed her instructions to build my book into a fantastic story. She even loved my sense of humour throughout the book!

It gives you a great sense of character, when your editor can identify with her client's work just as much as they do. I will not hesitate using Grammar Factory in the future for my follow up books."

Joan Markwell, Personal Trainer

Author, Whose Boobs Are These?

"It seems I did 'have a book in me' as they say. Although the 40,000 words I gave Grammar Factory were more like a brain dump. After a friendly and casual consultation my editor understood exactly what I was trying to say and crafted the book into the best version of my message.

My book is now an organised, structured book that I am very proud of. Grammar Factory was a major part in achieving that. Jacqui kept it in my words but refined my message and the feedback I have been receiving is fantastic. I will be using Grammar Factory for my next book and have recommended them to a few of my friends brave enough to go down this path.

Self-publishing is a very expensive process, the cost of editing being the highest part. But at the end of the process looking back, the magic Grammar Factory wove was incredible value."

Adam Grono, Personal Trainer


"Working with Grammar Factory has been a great experience. Before we started the editing process I thought I'd written a good book but I had stalled before finishing it. My editor not only picked up on the little mistakes but reworked the flow of the book. She simplified it to make it even easier to follow for somebody trying to lose weight.

I'm now more focused than ever on finishing my book Your Roadmap to Losing 20kg and would recommend Grammar Factory to anyone wanting a professional book."

Hailey Cavill, Social Entrepreneur


"I’ve had the idea to publish a book called DoGooding® for some years, but as soon as I began diving into it I got scared and overwhelmed and shelved it. The idea wouldn’t go away though, it kept tapping on my brain saying ‘write me, write me’. So when I met Grammar Factory I thought it’d give it another go.

I booked into the Book Blueprint workshop and it was so empowering and valuable to describe my idea and to flesh it out… All of a sudden it became real and do-able.

While I recognise that it’s still a daunting task, I feel that I now have a signposted route to follow and someone who has done it many times before holding my hand. If anyone out there has a book idea and wants to get those ideas and thoughts organised, the Book Blueprint workshop is a great investment."

Justine Waddington, Founder Encounter Travel

Author, The Solo Traveller's Compass

"The light at the end of the writing tunnel is shining brightly. Thank you Jacqui for your amazing job as my editor - my words sound sooooo much better."

Kim Luret, Women's Empowerment Coach

Author, How to Model in Paris

"I recently did a one-day intensive [Book Blueprint] workshop with Grammar Factory and 'intensive' is the perfect word for it! We did so much, covered such vast terrain in a matter of hours that it was incredible!

I found [it] to be both a joy and a strategically brilliant move for my business. Jacqui is totally present, focused, calm and supportive as well as an extremely talented wordsmith.

After just one day, I got more clarity about my message and services than I've had in the last two years! As an example, in one brilliant stroke she made a small but laser-focused tweak in the way I present my message, giving me exponential reach to more clients. Looking back on it, it should have been obvious to me but I never saw it, even after two years of being in business. That one thing in itself was priceless.

But it didn't stop there. Grammar Factory also gave me invaluable yet easily applicable advice and resources with which to market myself and spread my message. They broke it down into bite-sized pieces that I can totally understand and not be overwhelmed by. I have a blueprint to follow now and I am SO grateful. Thank you!"

Alaya Gold, Business Shaman


"Working with Grammar Factory is a dream come true! My editor is an intuitive creative professional who took my raw content and fine-tuned it to attract my ideal client. And it was perfect the first time - I didn't have to do any more edits!

If you are an intuitive feminine entrepreneur who hates fine tuning and tweaking your writing and want to save HOURS of heart-wrenching time poring over words at your laptop to free yourself to do what you're best at, hire Grammar Factory."

Monique Alamedine, Product Creation Mentor


"I absolutely LOVED Jacqui's work - I feel so blessed to have met someone who totally gets where I am coming from and who is such a freaking kick-ass writer.

She's such a joy and professional to work with and I am looking forward to an ongoing personal and professional friendship. Thanks gorgeous!"

Paul Daly


"Grammar Factory is extremely easy to work with and produces excellent content. Their ability to present complex topics in a comprehensive yet readable way led to improved communication with our clients and better ranking in the search engines. Most importantly, the process was always smooth for all parties and delivered on time and on brief.

Their ability to quickly understand the business and the topic they were writing about was a key aspect to their success on various projects. They also became an expert in understanding my often vague briefs and, in doing so, made my job a lot easier."