FAQs | Grammar Factory Publishing

1. General

What’s the difference between the standard Publishing PRO package and the expedited Publishing PRO package (aka Kelly Irving package)?

Is there anything special I need to do to format my manuscript?

How should I handle references in footnotes or endnotes

Can you do a hardcover edition also?

2. Schedules and timelines

How long will it take for my book to be published?

Is that a firm timeline? Can we go faster?

I’d like to plan ahead for my launch activities. When should I plan for?

What if I’m not able to submit my manuscript by the agreed-to submission date?

What if I realize I need to make changes after I’ve submitted my manuscript?

3. Editing

How many rounds of editing are included

How long does each round of editing take? And how much time do I have to review and make revisions after each?

What’s included in a copy edit? (And what’s NOT included?)

Will I have direct interaction with my editor and proofreader?

Can I make changes after the copy edit?

Can I make changes after the proofread?

What if I want another round of editing before the proofread? Is that possible?

Do you guarantee that there won’t be any errors/typos after the proofread?

4. Design

How does the design phase work?

Will I have direct interaction with my designer?

I’d like to include an index at the back of my book. Is that possible?

What will the eBook look like?

5. Diagrams and other visual elements

I have some visuals that I’d like included in my book. Is that included in the cost of the package?

I have some visuals, but can you just sort of…“pretty them up”?

I would like to have some visuals created or sourced. Can you do that?

Should I include the visuals directly in my manuscript? How?\

How should I send visuals?

What do I need to know about copyright? I’m not sure if I have the rights to use some of the images I’ve included in my manuscript.]

6. Printing

How many copies of my book will I get?

Will I be able to easily get reprints of my book? How long does it take to order additional copies?

How much will printed copies of my book cost?

What is the print quality like?

I’d like to do something special with my cover. Possible?

Can I have colour printing inside my book? Does that cost more?

7. Distribution

How does fulfillment work for book sales? Do I need to send books to retailers and distributors? Or ship books when they’re sold?

Where will my book be distributed?

Will my book be on shelves at bookstores? What about libraries?

How long will it take for my book listing to show up with major online book retailers?

Can I control the price that is charged by retailers for my book?

8. Financial

Is the full amount due up front?

Do you offer any discount for paying the whole amount up front