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— Book publishing for entrepreneurs —

Get from manuscript to professionally published book.

Expert authorities.

They’re the thought leaders. The go-to people and organizations in every field. They’re well known, well respected, and success finds them rather than the other way around.

Authorities get noticed. Authorities get high-quality leads. They scale their profits, not their effort.

Grammar Factory Publishing services turns your manuscript into a world-class published book that builds expert authority and grows your business.

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— Publishing for Entrepreneurs: Book editing —

Turn your Word document into a publish-ready manuscript.

Quality matters.

Authors write with a purpose. And as entrepreneurs, we write to build our authority and positively impact business results. When it comes to a book, nothing kills credibility like poor-quality editorial: illogical structure, awkward prose, misused words, grammatical errors, and the like.

Founded on editorial excellence, Grammar Factory is in the business of quality; and our editing services make certain that the quality of your manuscript reflects the quality of the services you offer and the expertise you provide to clients.

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— Publishing for Entrepreneurs: Collaborative ghostwriting —

Let us pen your book while you run your business.

Time waits for no one.

Is there a more time-starved profession than that of the entrepreneur? We think not. Clients to serve, products to build, processes to improve...and personal time for friends, family, and self? That would be nice.

We get it. That's why we've developed a proprietary approach to extracting your knowledge, expertise, and ideas to get it all out of your head and onto the page...without wasting your valuable time.

And then? We write your book while you focus on your core business. We call it Collaborative Ghostwriting. Your ideas, your voice, your book.

South-Asian entrepreneur

— Audiobook publishing for entrepreneurs —

Publish an audiobook and reach an audience that is all ears.

Listen up!

What if we told you there's an entire segment of people who will not even consider buying and reading your book, despite being your ideal customer? It's true. And this segment is growing.

Audio is the fastest-growing segment in publishing, and with good reason. Audiobooks allow listeners to consume a far greater number of book and do so more quickly, all while commuting, working out, or waiting for the kids to finish practice.

And here's a little secret: There's far less competition in the audiobook space, given the additional effort needed to produce books in this format. That's the sound of opportunity knocking.

Black female entrepreneur podcasting

— Publishing for Entrepreneurs: Book marketing —

Put your book to work to build authority and grow your business.

Build your author platform.

A published book is an incredible asset for an entrepreneur. It can open doors, establish authority and credibility, generate and qualify leads, and more.

But let's be honest. A book cannot work itself. It must be put to work in service of its author and the author's business if it's going to get results.

Grammar Factory's Author Platform Solutions™ provide our authors with varying levels of support, from keeping their book listing current and coordinating reprints; to weekly content and social media marketing, proactive outreach to media, event organizers, and other partners; to producing and distributing original podcast series as a companion authority-building strategy; and more.

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— Publishing for Entrepreneurs: Testimonials —

What others are saying.

Hear what our authors have to say about working with Grammar Factory and what it did for them and their business.

Elizabeth Gillam

“If you are a first time author and wondering which publisher to use, I would recommend you speak with Grammar Factory. I would definitely use their services again.”

Esther De La Cruz - Author
Author, Navigating Career Crossroads

Jane Jackson

“Her suggestions made absolute sense and her attention to detail while making adjustments yet keeping the integrity of my message is impressive. Jacqui’s an editor I highly recommend!”

Jane Jackson - Author
Author, Navigating Career Crossroads

Esther De La Cruz

“My writing mentor, Andrew Griffiths, once said that he thought editors should have their name on the front cover and, after working with Jacqui, I know why!”

Esther De La Cruz - Author
Leading Technology Driven Change

— Publishing for Entrepreneurs: About US —

Why we're different.

We’re the preferred choice for entrepreneurs and business leaders like you, because we’re noticeably different.

Deliver Business Results

Our publishing for entrepreneurs is exclusively focused on books that deliver business results. No fiction. No kids books. No poetry.


We don’t compromise on quality. Your book is your brand, so it had better enhance it.


Collaborative ghostwriting and coached writing programs get your book done quickly so you can focus on your business.


Our proprietary STEPS Method and Book Blueprint system demystify the writing process, getting you from idea to outline to published book, quickly.


We don’t keep any of your book royalties, and you always own 100% of your intellectual property, in all formats, everywhere.

— Publishing for Entrepreneurs: Blog Articles —

Featured posts.

Our free articles and resources covering publishing for entrepreneurs and related topics will help you write and publish your book, no matter where you are on your entrepreneur to author journey.

— Publishing for Entrepreneurs: Books —

Some of our books.

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners write and publish books that deliver business results in a wide range of industries. Here is a sample of authority-building books we’ve helped launch.

— Publishing for Entrepreneurs: Free resources —

Ready to Get Started?

Get instant access to our STEPS Guide. With free interviews, webinars and more, it covers everything you need to write a book that gets results.