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Book Blueprint Workshops

Finally…a book planning approach for writing a book that builds authority and grows your business...the first time.

Stop spending hour after hour staring at a blinking cursor with no idea what to write next.

Stop reading, rereading and rewriting your words again and again, trying to figure out why it’s just not working.

Stop wasting thousands of dollars sending your book back and forth between writing coaches, manuscript appraisals, editors, proofreaders and more, only to find out it’s still not finished.

Instead, map out a step-by-step plan to write your bestseller in just one day.

Natasha Vanzetti

Natasha Vanzetti,

Discovery Coach

“Not only have you cleared the fog around what I was writing about but you’ve helped me merge my two book ideas into one that I’m now busting to write. After writing my initial book I realised I’d written from my head and not my heart and didn’t want to publish it. I then created two new book ideas but was stuck on which one to start on. Your session and guidance allowed me to see how the two ideas worked together and your suggested outline made total sense. Now I have a plan that lights me up and has given me the confidence to write that book that really matters to me. I’m feeling really excited about bringing my new book to life and believe this workshop has been crucial in getting me to move forward with this, thank you!”

Rob Nankervis

Rob Nankervis,

Executive Coach

"Having successfully put off writing my book almost beyond the bounds of human endurance, it got cracking officially today through the Book Blueprint workshop. Normally it's my job to be pen-in-hand, butcher-paper-at-the-ready, asking the tough questions to help clients crack through on their strategies. I was certainly on the receiving end today - simply karma! So we now have a book structure into which can be poured all of my musings!"

Nick Sutherland

Nick Sutherland,

Clinical Hypnotherapist

"Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you. [Your] services and skills helped me no end at today's Book Blueprint workshop. Some of the best money I have spent recently. I now have some space in my head after unpacking it today and getting the backbone for my book done. Thank you."

Hailey Cavill

Hailey Cavill,

Social Entrepreneur

"I’ve had the idea to publish a book called DoGooding® for some years, but as soon as I began diving into it I got scared and overwhelmed and shelved it. The idea wouldn’t go away though, it kept tapping on my brain saying ‘write me, write me’. So when I met Jacqui, I thought it’d give it another go. I booked into the Book Blueprint workshop and it was so empowering and valuable to describe my idea and flesh it out…all of a sudden it became real and do-able. While I recognise that it’s still a daunting task, I feel that I now have a sign-posted route to follow (and someone who has done it many times before) holding my hand. If anyone out there has a book idea and wants to get those ideas and thoughts organised, the Book Blueprint workshop is a great investment."

You’re going to write a book. 30,000 words to go. Then the book goes to the editor, the typesetter, and the printer.

Simple – right?


Your book isn’t finished when it gets to your editor.

Good editors don’t just look at your spelling and grammar. We look at your content, structure and style. We remove repetitive and irrelevant content. We tell you where you need to add examples, evidence and explanations.

We might even say your book doesn’t actually work.

You’ve spent months waking up early, staying up late, squeezing your writing time in around family, friends, and work. You’ve said "no" to invitations, events, and getaways so you could get it finished. And you’ve spent hundreds, or even thousands, of your hard-earned dollars on writing coaches and courses and seminars, so that you could finally put your knowledge onto paper.

65 %

Of our client lose over 7,000  words in their first round of edits

70 %

Of our clients end up with a completely different structure

100 %

Need to add new content, including case studies, anecdotes, explanations and exercises

We even told 4 clients to write new books.

This is where most entrepreneurs get stuck.

After all that time, money and effort, you don’t want to work on your book againyou want it to be done already! Published! Printed! On Amazon, spreading your ideas, driving people to your business, cementing your position as a thought leader.

But what can you do? A first book is always going to be hit and miss, isn’t it?


There is another way...

Instead of writing blind, putting word after word on paper, hoping that something of substance will come out of your ramblings, get it right from the beginning.

Rather than relying on inspiration, hoping that your muse will stick around until you’ve finished your first draft, use a blueprint to guide everything you write.

Instead of putting all of your ideas into a group of Word documents, hoping an editor can put it into some sort of structure, get your structure sorted early.

The best books don’t just happen. The best books start with a plan.

How? Start with a plan.

  • A plan that guides you through every step of the writing process, so you never get stuck
  • A plan with all the information you need to draft your book in weeks, not months
  • A plan that's so detailed, your book will write itself

We are Grammar Factory. For more than a decade, we've helped hundreds of business owners go from Entrepreneur to Author, and the biggest mistake we see new writers make is not having a detailed plan.

You see, spelling, grammar and punctuation are the smallest part of our job. The real work comes down to structure.

We’ve moved chapters from the middle of books to the beginning, turned a three-part process into six sequential steps, and split one book into two. We've added brand new content, told clients to start again, and we’ve turned drafts that had no structure at all into books that make a clear, compelling case for our client’s business.

And then what happens?

The client gets a Word document marked up with a few thousand insertions, deletions and corrections, with suggestions on several things they need to add – anything from case studies to entirely new chapters.

What’s ironic is that much of this could have been solved before the editing process if they’d had a clear plan.

Finish your book in weeks, not months

Write book your readers will love

Become an authority in your industry

Always know exactly what to write next

What do you get?

Book Blueprint 1-on-1 Workshop

  • Private workshop where we pick apart your brainstorming and create a compelling structure for your book
  • A chapter-by-chapter plan for your book, so detailed that your book will write itself
  • Tailored advice from a degree-certified expert on your book idea and proposed content
  • Unlimited email access for 90 days after the workshop for any questions that come up as you start writing
  • A $500 credit toward Grammar Factory’s Publishing Pro service once your manuscript is complete

CAD $2,990

Book Blueprint Group Workshop

  • A six hour in-person* workshop in an intimate group (5-10 people) where we pick apart your brainstorming and create a compelling structure for your book
  • A chapter-by-chapter plan for your book, so detailed that your book will write itself
  • Tailored advice from a degree-certified expert on your book idea and proposed content
  • Group work-shopping and feedback on any questions and issues, from your book idea to fleshing out chapters
  • A $250 credit toward Grammar Factory’s Publishing Pro service once your manuscript is complete

CAD $750

What other entrepreneurs are saying

Kim Luret

Kim Luret
Women's Empowerment Coach, Author of
"How to Model in Paris"

"I recently did a one-day intensive workshop with Jacqui and 'intensive' is the perfect word for it! We did so much, covered such vast terrain in a matter of hours that it was incredible! I found working with Jacqui to be both a joy and a strategically brilliant move for my business. She is totally present, focused, calm and supportive as well as an extremely talented wordsmith. After working one day with Jacqui, I got more clarity about my message and services than I've had in the last two years!"

Peita Diamantidis

Peita Diamantidis

Financial Planner, Author of "Finance Action Hero"

"I had over enthusiastically written a lot of words, and simply figured that was why some books are bigger than others. However in fact it turns out I had accidentally written two books! Of course this didn't come out until I got my detailed edit back from Jacqui. The changes she made to the order and layout were both logical and insightful and showed a true understanding of the message I was trying to get across."

Angela Counsel

Angela Counsel Naturopath, Author of
"Secret Mums' Business"

My book was a bit of a mish mash when I gave it to Jacqui, but she turned it into a real book for me and the best thing is the feedback I am now getting from my reviewers. Every person who has given me feedback has said that they felt I was writing just for them., as if I was speaking to them because I knew them so well. I know that the feedback I am receiving is due to the excellent editing job from Jacqui, who turned a bunch of words and ideas into a structured book.

Elizabeth Gillam

Elizabeth Gillam

Author of "Upsize Your Profits"

"Grammar Factory took my 'baby' and developed it into a responsible teenager. My editor suggested layout changes to make the book a more sensible read. She turned the book into a book I was proud of and one that I am now sure will give my readers what they expect."

Miriam Sandhkuler

Miriam Sandhkuler

Buyer Advocate, Author of
"Property Prosperity"

"I have found Jacqui to be a very clear communicator. Her editing of my book and removal of 7000 words was scary, albeit totally appropriate. Overall I accepted 95% of her recommendations."

Annihilate writer's block. Kick procrastination to the curb.

And prepare to write the book that builds your authority and grows your business.