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Esther De La Cruz Author, Leading Technology Driven Change

As a first-time author I had no idea what to expect from the editing process. After approaching two editors via email, I was so pleasantly surprised that Grammar Factory contacted me via phone and explained the process to me so calmly and clearly. It was an easy choice to wait for them to be available to work on my book.

I couldn't be more impressed with the result of the structural edits, modifications and even additions! What also impressed me was that she would research quotes or other relevant articles that I referenced in my book before suggesting changes.

Even though my book was substantially cut back, the result was a clear, well structured and very professional read. My writing mentor once said that he thought editors should have their name on the front cover and, after working with Grammar Factory, I know why!

When I finally flung my life's work out into the open for review, little did I know the magic Grammar Factory would weave to turn my enthusiastic words into something that actually made sense and people would want to read! At every step of the way they were fabulous to work with - very patient, knowledgeable, timely and always supportive. The suggestions made absolute sense and the attention to detail while making adjustments yet keeping the integrity of my message is impressive. Highly recommend!

Jane Jackson Author, Navigating Career Crossroads
Elizabeth Gillam Author, Upsize Your Profits

 I have taken 18 months to write a book about a subject I knew very well. At the end I was worried that I had not got my message across. I had the book edited by another cheaper editor, but was left feeling uncertain. They really were just spell checkers and grammar hounds. When it came back from the original editor, I still had fears that the book was not telling the story I wanted. Enter Grammar Factory.

Grammar Factory took my "baby" and developed it into a responsible teenager. My editor suggested layout changes to make the book a more sensible read. She turned the book into a book I was proud of and one that I am now sure will give my readers what they expect. Her working method was quick and she was always mindful to encapsulate “me” in the book and encouraged me to continue in my unique writing style.

If you are a first time author and wondering which publisher to use, I would recommend you speak with Grammar Factory. I would definitely use their services again.

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