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Welcome to the secret members’ area

Your ultimate guide to writing an awesome book

As entrepreneurs, we have a strong handle on goal setting. We want to get the next client, beat last month’s revenue, land a huge deal, or maybe even write an awesome book.

The mistake most of us make is focusing on the goal itself. We make it specific. We visualise. We give it an end date.

And then we hope for the best. Yet while we work hard at whatever we think will help us make headway, this doesn’t always translate into concrete progress. Why? Because we don’t have a system.

While your goal is your destination and gives you something to work towards, a system is the roadmap that will take you there.

When it comes to writing your book, your goal might be:

  • Find the right idea.
  • Write 30,000 words by the end of the month.
  • Get published in six months.

These goals are all very well and good, but where do you start? Without a system, it’s easy to sit in front of your computer screen staring at the blinking cursor at the beginning of an empty page, wondering where the words are supposed to come from.

By contrast, a system for each of these goals might be:

  • Brainstorm twenty book ideas, and then use three criteria to assess whether or not they’re the right ones.
  • Map out your book idea, including how your book is organised, what content goes where, and the major questions you need to answer when discussing each topic. Then use this blueprint to guide your writing over the next thirty days.
  • Plan out the activities that need to happen for you to publish your book, contact experts who can help with each stage of the process and create a timeline for each step and the entire process. Follow the steps your experts recommend for each stage of the timeline.

Clearly, the actual systems would be more developed, but I hope you see where I’m going with this. Goals are the destination – systems are the roadmap. And as long as you follow the roadmap, even if you forget about or change your mind about the destination, you’ll still make progress and get results.

This is what this portal, and the emails you’ll be getting over the coming weeks, will teach you.

They will give you insights into a system for writing an awesome book so that you will start making real progress. Then, if your direction changes or you even decide that a book isn’t for you, you still will have:

  • Written content you can repurpose for your website, blog posts, articles, booklets, or keynote speeches,
  • Discovered how to dissect and explain your ideas, which you can then use when teaching, pitching or writing to anyone, and
  • Practiced managing a large-scale project over several months, through which you’ll learn skills you can apply to other areas of your business

Are you ready to get started? Then start exploring the links in the menu, and keep an eye on your inbox over the coming weeks.