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Turn Your Book into an Audio Book

If you want to sell your book on Amazon you have three options:1Sell a printed book (hardcover, paperback or both)2Sell a Kindle version3Sell an audio versionThe most successful authors sell all three. Why? Because people process information differently.I love the smell of new books. I love curling up on the couch with a book. I […]

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Are self-published authors really authors?

Last week Dr Jim Taylor published a blog post on Seattle PI where he debated whether or not self-published authors are really authors (and whether or not they are really published, for that matter).From his post: “At the same time, the self-publishing industry has allowed anyone with a computer and a small amount of money […]

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Why you should self-publish your book

In 2012 I was a snob. I believed that self-publishing was for amateurs, and any writer worth her salt would get a deal with a traditional publisher.Six months into 2013, my perspective flipped. Not only was I an advocate for self-publishing, but I created a business to work with self-publishing entrepreneurs.So why do I think […]

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