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6 writing tools to help you write your business book

Writing a book for your business can be a great strategy for any entrepreneur – especially those in fields where success depends on authority and professional credibility. It’s worth putting in the time and effort, even though it may be challenging at times.  But just because it’s challenging at times, that doesn’t mean it has to […]

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The 4 types of editing, and which one is right for you

If you’ve been researching editing and editors, you’ll know by now that there’s a wide range of services on offer. So how do you know what you’re going to get, and whether you’ll get your money’s worth?Read on to learn about the different types of editing, and which you need.Disclaimer: Before we get started, note […]

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If your editor wants to talk, pick up the phone!

I’ve had two recent cases of client telephone (or email) tag.The first was a post-editing consultation – I’d made a lot of changes to the entrepreneur’s book and had recommended adding a couple of new chapters, and was keen to discuss my changes and their ideas before he submitted the book for a second round […]

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Why are there typos in my edited book?!

Occasionally I have a client comment that they found typos in their book after a structural edit.Most of the time they’re okay about it – they realized that we significantly reworked their content, chopped a third of their word count, created a five-step process from 28 unrelated chapters, consolidated repetition and made detailed recommendations on […]

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How an edited book is like some new jeans

Disclaimer – This is not my butt. The photo’s from Macy’s.Earlier this year my parents went to the US. And, because my mum is a bit of a clothes horse (and the prices are so much better over there), they went shopping. I benefitted. ;)Unfortunately, my mum often forgets that I’m 1-2 sizes larger than […]

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5 keys to a good author-editor relationship

You send your book off to the editor, and a few weeks later your masterpiece returns. Where there was confusion, there’s clarity. Your prose has turned into poetry.What’s not to love?Unfortunately, not all author-editor relationships run this smoothly. Read on for our top 5 keys to enjoy a good author-editor relationship.1. Deliver your manuscript on timeFew […]

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Editing a book manuscript

Editing webinar – all you need to know

Have you been humming and hawing about hiring an editor? Maybe you think you can do the editing yourself (after all, you’re the one who wrote the book!). Maybe you’ve Googled ‘editors’, and you’re overwhelmed by choice. Or maybe you just don’t know if you’re going to get your money’s worth. In this free webinar, discover: […]

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What to look for in an editor

When you’re hiring someone to pick your book apart and put it back together as they see fit, correcting all of those pesky apostrophes and typos as they go, you want to make sure you find the right person.So how do you do choose an editor? Everyone can say, do or be anything online, so […]

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But I don’t WANT to hire an editor!

I’m in an entrepreneurial coaching program where we’re all expected to write and self-publish a book. And, back when we had our in-person day on publishing, a number of the people in the room tried to argue that they didn’t need to hire an editor.Here’s why:I can do it myselfThe argument goes something like: English is […]

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