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Monetizing a business book: The product development strategy

By the time your book is published, you and your publishing team spent countless hours nailing the structure. You’ve refined the message and packaged it to appeal to your ideal reader. Whether intended or not, you now have much more than a book. You have a master content asset. This valuable intellectual property can now […]

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The 4 best nonfiction book types for the entrepreneur writing a book

When you’re putting together a book as an entrepreneur-turned-author, one of the most important things to think about is which of the nonfiction book types you’ll use for your book.Your book type impacts the overall structure and content of your book. Without making this decision explicit, you’ll very likely end up writing with competing structures […]

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How do you calculate the ROI of your self-published book?

After last week’s post on how long it will take for your book to deliver a profit, I started thinking. How do you actually calculate your book’s ROI? The short answer? It’s complicated. I’ve written before about the Zero Moment of Truth and how most people don’t buy from you the first time they interact with you. This means […]

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Book to profit: How long does it really take?

Working with a lot of entrepreneurial authors, one of the most common questions I get from aspiring authors is, ‘How long will it take for me to make a profit from my book?’I get it. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, there are countless places where you could be investing your time and energy […]

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5 ways to leverage your book for your business

The past few years have held a lot of doom and gloom for aspiring authors, with The Author’s Guild citing in its 2018 Author Income Survey a median income of $6,080, down 42% from 8 years earlier.To put that in perspective, the median household income in the US at the same point in time was USD $61,372 […]

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When an Amazon bestseller campaign goes wrong

When you’re running an Amazon bestseller campaign (or any bestseller campaign, for that matter), timing is everything. So what happens when things don’t go to plan?Advertising dollars are wasted, marketing activity gets put on hold, and if you’ve been building up anticipation in advance, you can lose a lot of the buzz you generated. Ultimately, […]

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