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3 steps to project manage your first book

So you want to write a book… but where do you start?

What most people do is set the goal of writing a book, set themselves a deadline, and then write ferociously until they run out of steam (this usually takes two to four weeks). Soon the weeks turn into months, and by the time their deadline rolls around they only have 15,000 words to show for it.

Instead, writing your first book should be treated like any other significant project — it should be project managed. Check out my latest article on Medium for 3 steps to project manage your first book, including:

  • How to set the right goals for publishing success
  • How to break your big book goal into smaller, self-publishing milestones
  • How long each of those milestones will take (this isn’t the typical ‘we can have it done yesterday!’ sales spiel, but a realistic look at time frames based on my work with several publishing providers)
  • How to work backwards from your print date to map out a project schedule