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The ROI of Your Business Book

We aren’t just living in the information age anymore… we have entered the age of information overload! Between our smart phones, tablets and laptops we are bombarded with news items, blog posts, advertising, email, personal messages, tweets, articles, status updates and an inordinate amount of cat memes and inspirational misquotes. And most of what we are seeing is coming at us by our explicit request or otherwise tailored for our individual tastes by the algorithms of the Google gods.

So, as an entrepreneur, how do you get noticed among all that noise?

The old hard sell or paid for advertising just isn’t going to cut through anymore. You need to be likeable, shareable and quotable in the online sense. You are an entrepreneur. You are an expert in your field. You have valuable knowledge to share. You have to get it out there.

And a book is the best way to do it.

Your book is your best business card. Mindy Gibbins-Klein, the managing director of Panoma Press, tells elite business, “Everybody has got websites, everybody is on social media and everybody is blogging. It’s very hard to stand out. But without spending more money on sales and marketing, you can actually raise your profile in a very solid way.”

Business-savvy entrepreneurs like yourself will likely want to know how and if your business will actually benefit from writing a book. Forbes recently quoted survey results by marketing consultant Mike Shultz who said, The vast majority of the authors we surveyed — 96% — said they did realise a significant positive impact on their businesses from writing a book and would recommend the practice.”

However, you will be investing some time, money and energy into writing your book, so what can you expect as a return on your investment?

7 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Write a Book



A book earns you instant expert status in your field. People are clever and want to see evidence that you are a legitimate authority on the subject. Your increased credibility will open doors for you personally, as well as give a lift to your business and everyone in it.


Media recognition.

Authors are go-to personalities for guest appearances on radio and TV. You can’t buy that kind of publicity. “Has new book” is a standard, and often required, box to tick for the gatekeepers who control access to areas you would most like to enter: lecture halls, television studios, boardrooms, media pages and special events.



Grow your personal and business brand by adding ‘Author’ to your credentials. Also, securing your personal or business niche by publishing your knowledge in your book attributes that knowledge specifically to you and your brand. This helps potential clients see what your business is all about and how you can be of value to them.


Consultation opportunities

Your proven expert status opens doors for you to educate, speak and work with others. A nice increase in fees isn’t uncommon. Adding consultancy services to your business is an expansion on what you are already doing, which may well be the growth opportunity you have been looking for.


Lead generation.

Your book can be quoted and tweeted via numerous social sharing platforms. Greater exposure will translate to increasing sales. It will be an enticing entry to the world of you and your business — your other products, services, talks, videos, seminars, special events and teachings.


Consolidation of your IP

You have already been providing content and expertise via print, online and personal interaction, and your book collates this in one accessible medium. Sharing your key ideas or principles in this way will entice people to come to you for more detailed information and personal consultations.



A book adds to your line of products and services. Two words we all love… passive income.

Mindy Gibbins-Klein says, “You do need to have a very strong concept and understanding of what your book is about: where it adds value, who is going to benefit from it and who the readers are.” She also adds, “And the publisher, if they’re investing, has to see that there’s a decent market. They have to know how and where they’re going to sell books and how many. They also want to see that you understand your market.”

You are an entrepreneur. You are the expert in your niche and sharing your knowledge will come easily with your passion and determination. What book is waiting to be written?