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2x your conversions and 3x your rates by tapping into your customers’ secret desires

I launched Grammar Factory as a freelance editor in 2013. I was charging $1,500 for a structural edit, and my goal was to book three to four clients a month so I could quit my corporate job.

While I had some leads coming in, I lacked the business experience, social proof, and referrals to sell them on my services. At the same time I was competing against other freelance editors who were only charging $500.

Ultimately, while I got the occasional “yes,” more often than not my potential clients chose to work with someone cheaper.

This was the typical response to my sales pitch – either I had to chop 65% off my rates, or improve my offer

I knew I was doing great work – when I did get work, my clients gave me glowing reviews. The problem was I just didn’t have enough clients to cover the bills.

Fast forward to today, and the business has transformed. When I used to struggle to sell to potential clients, today my pitch has a close rate of 80%. When I got started, I only offered one service for $1,500, whereas today we have a range of packages selling for between $3,000 and $10,000 and our average client value has more than tripled as a result, climbing from $1,500 to over $5,000.

The end result? In two years our revenue went from $0-$1500 a month to $10,000-$15,000 a month.

How did I do it? I used three simple tools to find out what my customers actually wanted: the rejection question, the trauma-prevention framework, and the customer journey map.

These helped us figure out how to outshine our competitors’ products, guarantee clients will be satisfied, and create a premium offering that customers couldn’t refuse.

By adding the same tools to your sales process, you can experience the same results in your business.

Find out how at http://growthlab.com/address-your-customers-secret-desires/