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Interview: Business success lessons on The Entrepreneur Way

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be interviewed on The Entrepreneur Way by serial entrepreneur Neil Ball about the biggest lessons I’ve learnt on my entrepreneur journey – check it out at Positioning Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche with Jacqui Pretty.

Just some of what we covered included:

  • Entrepreneurial role models
  • The biggest difficulties when starting a business
  • Recommended books on personal development and business
  • Recommended online resources
  • Tips for other entrepreneurs

And some quotes from the interview:

  • ‘When you’re interchangeable that means the only way  you can compete is on price.’
  • ‘Personal development is very important but I think you need to have a bit of business sense behind it.’
  • ‘You need to validate your idea, which involves knowing who your clients are, finding people who meet that demographic and pitching them to see if that idea resonates.’
  • ‘The key is keeping an eye out for signals that forecast potential changes.’
  • ‘Writing a book is a really good differentiating factor because not many people have written them.’
  • ‘Focus on a how-to book, because how-to books are formulaic to write and they have a clear benefit for the reader.’
  • ‘The writing process usually falls apart when it comes to structure, because people think they have their ideas then they start writing, and what happens then is it’s a brain dump.’