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The #1 reason 98% of entrepreneurs struggle

Imagine this scenario…

You sign up for a business course or coaching program.

Your coach makes you delve deep into the passion behind your business. They open your eyes to new possibilities and endless horizons. They build your confidence, telling you about the difference you could make and the impact you could have on the world.

You realize that you’ve been playing too small.

You need to get bigger, build your audience and reach out to new markets. You have an important message the world needs to hear, and you won’t stop until they do.

After six months of working fourteen hours a day, seven days a week, you find yourself looking at your bank balance.

‘That can’t be right,’ you think as you run the numbers.

You’re making the same amount you were making six months ago. You look at your list and see that, even though you have some more subscribers, the difference is negligible. You look at your website traffic and see that it hasn’t gone up either.

You then start to think about the last six months. You’ve stopped seeing your friends and family.

You’ve been meaning to go on a trip, but have put it off month after month. And those personal interests? You know, learning the guitar or tae kwon do? They’ve fallen by the wayside with everything else.

You wonder, ‘How can I have nothing to show for all my hard work? What was I doing it for?’

This scenario is all too common

The issue isn’t that your business course or coach was wrong. The advice they gave you was probably great advice for changing the world, making an impact, building an audience and becoming a leader.

The issue is that it might have been the wrong advice for you.

In my guest post on Location 180, you’ll learn:

  • The three types of entrepreneurs (including the category that 75% of all people fall into)
  • Why most business courses are setting you up for failure
  • The six stages of the entrepreneur journey (and the big reason why you don’t have to hit all six stages)

If you’re trying to build a small business, but you feel like much of the world is only catering to the people looking to take over the world, check out The Truth About the Three Types of Entrepreneurs