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Top 10 publishing posts of 2015

As the year winds to a close it’s easy to get caught up in the silly season. Suddenly, it’s mid-January and you haven’t written anything for a month. Your editor is impatiently tapping her toe and you need to push your entire self-publishing process back.

Not anymore – check out Grammar Factory’s 10 most popular publishing posts of 2015 to keep you motivated and moving forward over Christmas.

Post 10

Author of eight books and the Managing Editor of Rethink Press, Lucy McCarraher shares her five back-cover essentials for any nonfiction book. Find out what they are here.

Post 9

An editor’s book shouldn’t need editing, or should it? Discover what happened when I sent Book Blueprint off for an initial edit (hint – the feedback wasn’t positive). Read on.

Post 8

Don’t think you can write a book? Neither did Darren Finkelstein, who is today a bestselling author, successful entrepreneur and sought-after keynotes speaker. Learn more about his journey in this free interview.

Post 7

Get behind the scenes of my book cover design journey, from concept to final design. Keep reading.

Post 6

One of the biggest mistakes author-entrepreneurs make is publishing a book and then expecting sales, clients and opportunities to magically appear. In fact, the opposite is true – your book only works if you work it. Learn how to leverage your book for your business.

Post 5

According to Google, the moment when a customer decides to buy is predictable and controllable. So how do you do it? Get your customers to take out their credit cards here.

Post 4

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing your book on the shelves of Dymocks or Barnes & Noble. But how can you get there if you’re self-published? Find out how author Sara Litchfield got her first book, The Night Butterflies, into major bookstores in Australia, New Zealand and the UK here.

Post 3

Unsold on the power of publishing? In this post we share our top four reasons why every entrepreneur should write a book. Discover why you should write a book.

Post 2

When I published Book Blueprint, I had grand plans. My goal was to spread the word before I went to print so I’d have several hundred orders to fill by the time I received my first books. Find out why only selling 11 was an awesome result here.

Post 1

Stuck on how to correctly use quotation marks/speech marks/inverted commas? Solve all of your quotation quandaries with this post from our Punctuation 101 series.