Top 10 publishing posts of 2015

Best publishing articles of 2015As the year winds to a close it’s easy to get caught up in the silly season. Suddenly, it’s mid-January and you haven’t written anything for a month. Your editor is impatiently tapping her toe and you need to push your entire self-publishing process back.

Not anymore – check out Grammar Factory’s 10 most popular publishing posts of 2015 to keep you motivated and moving forward over Christmas.

Post 10 – How to nail the blurb of your business book

Author of eight books and the Managing Editor of Rethink Press, Lucy McCarraher shares her five back-cover essentials for any nonfiction book. Find out what they are here.

Post 9 –Dry, dull and verbose: Behind the scenes of my editing journey

An editor’s book shouldn’t need editing, or should it? Discover what happened when I sent Book Blueprint off for an initial edit (hint – the feedback wasn’t positive). Read on.

Post 8 – Meet the bestselling author-entrepreneur who failed high-school English

Don’t think you can write a book? Neither did Darren Finkelstein, who is today a bestselling author, successful entrepreneur and sought-after keynotes speaker. Learn more about his journey in this free interview.

Post 7 – Judging a book by its cover: designing Book Blueprint

Get behind the scenes of my book cover design journey, from concept to final design. Keep reading.

Post 6 – 5 ways to leverage your book for your business

One of the biggest mistakes author-entrepreneurs make is publishing a book and then expecting sales, clients and opportunities to magically appear. In fact, the opposite is true – your book only works if you work it. Learn how to leverage your book for your business.

Post 5 – How to control when your customers buy – the Zero Moment of Truth

According to Google, the moment when a customer decides to buy is predictable and controllable. So how do you do it? Get your customers to take out their credit cards here.

Post 4 – 5 tips to get your book in stores

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing your book on the shelves of Dymocks or Barnes & Noble. But how can you get there if you’re self-published? Find out how author Sara Litchfield got her first book, The Night Butterflies, into major bookstores in Australia, New Zealand and the UK here.

Post 3 – Dominate your industry: 4 reasons why you should write a book

Unsold on the power of publishing? In this post we share our top four reasons why every entrepreneur should write a book. Discover why you should write a book.

Post 2 – I only sold 11 copies of my book… and why this was a GREAT thing for my business

When I published Book Blueprint, I had grand plans. My goal was to spread the word before I went to print so I’d have several hundred orders to fill by the time I received my first books. Find out why only selling 11 was an awesome result here.

Post 1 – Quotation quandaries solved: how to use quotation marks like an expert

Stuck on how to correctly use quotation marks/speech marks/inverted commas? Solve all of your quotation quandaries with this post from our Punctuation 101 series.

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