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Interview with Clarissa Rayward

In this episode of Entrepreneur to Author I speak with Clarissa Rayward, a family lawyer who has leveraged her book to lead to media appearances, speaking opportunities and more clients engaging her firm than ever before.

It all began in 2008, when Clarissa established Brisbane Family Law Centre. At BFLC her team of lawyers work alongside counsellors and financial planners to ensure the separating families have the support they need to recreate their lives after divorce.

While she knew her practice was different, she struggled to reach people with her message that it is possible for families to stay out of court and stay friends, and for a divorce to be a positive end to a marriage.

After writing her book Splitsville: How to separate, stay out of court and stay friends, she defined her point of difference, built her profile and grew her business.

Today her blog has had over 25,000 views, she has been featured on national TV and has a regular spot on ABC radio. She has also had a 50% increase in the number of clients engaging her firm, most of whom reach out to her after reading her book or her blog, The Happy Family Lawyer.

This success didn’t happen on its own, however, and in this interview Clarissa shares:

  • Her publishing journey, including redesigning her book after it went to print
  • How she pitched 30 journalists to land appearances on TV, radio, print and more
  • How she used her book launch to encourage other lawyers to promote her book

For all of this and more: