Interview with Darren Finkelstein, entrepreneur, author and speaker

Interview with author, speaker and entrepreneur Darren Finkelstein

In Episode 1 of Entrepreneur to Author I speak to author, speaker and entrepreneur Darren Finkelstein.

Darren has been messing about in boats for most of his life. His father introduced him to fishing and his first boating experience was learning to water ski in Melbourne. He bought his first boat at age 18 in partnership with a friend and eventually followed his father-in-law’s advice and bought a small half-cabin to go fishing and cruising with his young family.

In fact he felt so strongly about boating that he underwent the full “SEA-CHANGE” promising to never to return to a “real job” with corporate Australia and made boating his profession.


Today he is the co-owner of the industry accredited boat dealer/broker St Kilda Boat Sales and Service Centre. Located right on the water’s edge at St Kilda Marina they buy, sell, service, repair, fuel and wash boats for their discerning owners and have sold hundreds of new and used power boats of all shapes and sizes.

In 2012 Darren took to a computer keyboard with the single and simple aim of demystifying a process that is his passion. “I wanted to let everyone know that buying and owning a boat is not a massive hurdle,” says Darren. “If you apply some common sense and seek good advice, you and your family can be out on the water enjoying the boating lifestyle.”The result is “Honey, let’s buy a BOAT!”, a straightforward guide through the maze of power boat purchasing.

In this interview, Darren, who candidly admits to not being a writer, shares his experience of writing and self-publishing his book, and how becoming a published author transformed his business.