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How one entrepreneur got a $25,000 contract ‘because you’re a published author’

How often do you see your potential clients trying to do it all themselves? With the accessibility of online technologies today, any entrepreneur can  create their own website, do their own copywriting, design their own brochures and manage their own social media campaigns. 

Unfortunately, even though they can achieve all of this themselves, it’s a challenge to do it well and to get the results they want.

Having worked in video production for 20 years, Geoff Anderson was all too familiar with this scenario – while more and more people have started recording, editing and uploading their own videos, he frequently saw them making the same fundamental mistakes. Rather than helping them build their credibility and bring in more clients, these videos were actually causing more harm than good.

So he wrote a book to help – Shoot Me Now: Making Videos to Boost Business, which teaches entrepreneurs how to make videos that engage their audiences.

Since he launched his book has helped build his profile through social and traditional media, with appearances on national and state radio shows, articles in print and online magazines and speaking engagements in front of hundreds of entrepreneurs.

However, one of the most tangible results was a $25,000 contract to produce a government video. The kicker? At the sales meeting, the executive told Geoff, ‘I know you can do the job because you’re published,’ even though he admitted to not having read the book!

To learn about this experience, along with Geoff’s other adventures as a published entrepreneur, listen to his interview below.