How to rapidly generate 20+ ideas your audience can’t wait to read

I’d just gotten the biggest guest posting opportunity of my career – the chance to write for a site with more than 500,000 engaged subscribers.

Everything was at stake. A great post would take my business to an entirely new level. A bad one would make it tough to ever get that kind of opportunity again.

There was one catch, though. They wanted me to submit five to seven post ideas so they could pick their favorite.

In the past, I would have panicked. Five to seven ideas? It’s hard enough to come up with ONE!

That’s what I used to think.

Today, coming up with five blockbuster blog post ideas is a (yawn) simple and easy fix because now I have a list of more than 50 must-read ideas on hand at all times.

My secret is a simple system that I use with my clients, whether I’m helping them with blog posts, suggesting new ideas for their books or doing a Book Blueprint workshop. No matter your industry — coaching, wellness, fashion, you name it — this process works. In just 20 minutes, you can go from no ideas to having enough ideas to post on your blog for an entire year.

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