Interview with Jacquie Sharples, author of If Your Body Could Talk

Interview with Jacquie Sharples, author of If Your Body Could Talk

As a corporate escapee, Jacquie Sharples knows a thing or two about not listening to her body.

A former corporate engineer, Jacquie couldn’t ignore her passion for health and fitness. Having formerly trained at the highest levels in athletics since high school, becoming Victoria champion in the triple jump and in the top 8 at the Commonwealth Games trials in the 400m hurdles in 2009, her body didn’t want to be chained to a desk.

She was ready to get moving again, and started gaining a range of certifications to make a living doing just that.

If Your Body Could Talk

As she juggled multiple enterprises, worked with clients and delved into deeper research, Jacquie gained a deep​​​​​ understanding of the impact the corporate life (and the stress of juggling that life with family, friends and other commitments) has on our bodies. However, most of us don’t listen to the signs that something might be wrong, instead pushing ourselves to breaking point.

As a result, Jacquie developed a framework and unique perspective on how to help women get on top of their struggle with their bodies and their lives, created the coaching and education program ‘bodylove’ in 2012, and later publishing her first book ‘If Your Body Could Talk’.