2020 Reading List – Grammar Factory Year in Books

2020 Reading List – Grammar Factory Year in Books

As in previous years, the Grammar Factory team had the pleasure of working with an amazing group of entrepreneurs and business leaders who are making a splash in their respective areas of expertise. They have immense knowledge and expertise to share, and we're honoured to be able to publish their books and help them further build their authority and grow their business. I'm thrilled to showcase the books we've published in 2020 and encourage you to add one or two (or all of them!) to your 2020 reading list.

The Grammar Factory 2020 Reading List

Bunkie Life, Extra Space by David Fraser

Fit for Disruption by Matthew Webber

From Surviving to Thriving by Lotus Ellis

Futureproof You by Kellie Tomney

Naturally Successful by Ingrid Messner

Phenomenal Teams by Garie Dooley

Reimagine Change by Ciara Lancaster

Separate Ways by Shaya Lewis-Dermody

This Won't Be Pretty by Cassandra D'Alessio

Entrepreneur to Author by Scott A. MacMillan

Bunkie Life Extra Space by David Fraser

Create a Beautiful Space for More Time and Connection with Your Family

If you think the Bunkie Life is just about bunkies, you've already missed the point.

Many of us say we put our loved ones first, but often our actions and attitudes don't reflect that.

In Bunkie Life Extra Space, you'll not only learn how to build a bunkie and a Bunkie Life of your own, you'll learn how important creating that space and time for family really is. You'll also discover how, until we reach the point where we can truly say "Family First", we'll never experience the true depth and joy life has to offer.

That "Family First" belief in space for meaningful connection is at the heart of the Bunkie Life community.

In Bunkie Life Extra Space, David Fraser shares his own family's story of tragedy, connection, and, ultimately, restoration as well as heart-warming stories and awe-inspiring photos from Bunkie Lifers who are experiencing more of what's most important in life.

If you've ever felt the need for extra space and more connection with the ones you love, Bunkie Life Extra Space is for you - just as the Bunkie Life itself may be.

Fit for Disruption by Matthew Webber

How to transform your business and thrive in times of rapid change

The world is changing at a rapid rate.

It's throwing up an endless supply of opportunities – and risks.

In other words, it is disruptive.

How does a business survive, and indeed thrive, in the midst of this disruption?

By embracing the disruption and providing the direction and environment that helps make the most of the opportunities it creates. Leaders can transform their business and thrive in times of rapid change by applying the three attributes of the Fit for Disruption model:

  • Be Commercial: Fit for Disruption leaders have a focus on the structure and control of the organisation. They understand where they are going and why. They build a business model that is profitable.
  • Create Solutions: Fit for Disruption leaders don't stand still. They are inquisitive, they want to be better at what they do, and they love to solve problems. They are innovators. And they employ the people who can help them do and be all these things.
  • Effect Change: Fit for Disruption leaders build momentum and energy around a cause. They take an idea and make it happen. They are not pontificators; they focus on action and deeply connect to their people and customers.

When leaders build their business on these three attributes, they will not only navigate the storms of disruption, but begin to create their own opportunities and become the disruptors of the future.

From Surviving to Thriving by Lotus Ellis

A Blueprint for Healthy Living

Do you ever wonder why you feel like rubbish?

Are you too busy to question what you're putting in your body?

Everyone deserves to know the truth...whether it's about the value of avocado oil (good fat is good for you!) or the true impact of too much processed food.

Forget the fad diets and unhealthy weight-loss products being pushed by influencers and media personalities. Rather than trusting a trendy diet to change things, this book encourages you to make a series of gradual changes to your lifestyle.

First leading the reader through an understanding of what all the different foods do to the body and why, then putting them all together in delicious recipes that you'll look forward to eating and drinking, author Lotus Ellis boils it all down to create a blueprint that cuts through the misinformation and reduces the overwhelm that comes with making healthy changes to your lifestyle and mindset.

Threaded through with powerful stories and real-life case studies from some amazing people who have created their own vitality story using the guidance offered in this book, From Surviving to Thriving proves that a long and healthy life is in the hands of each and every one of us.

With a career in nutrition, wellness and fitness spanning two decades, Lotus has come to believe that living a healthy and happy life means taking a holistic approach to wellness in order to lower inflammation and boost the immune system. Living in Costa Rica and witnessing how the Blue Zone centenarians live and what they eat has inspired a book to help people go from surviving to thriving by making minor lifestyle changes that will promote vitality and longevity.

Futureproof You by Kellie Tomney

3 Keys to Reimagining Your Career and Amplifying Your Impact In the New World of Work


Constant volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, and disruption in our world are making jobs, careers and industries more insecure. The future of work and the fourth industrial revolution are here. Careers have changed and will continue to change rapidly and significantly.

The question is: Will you change with the times, or will you be forced to change because of them?

Able to relate to the internal call for career change as well as recognising the sudden, dramatic, external catalysts at work in the world, in Futureproof You, careers expert Kellie Tomney addresses:

  • Global trends influencing career choices and the opportunities inherent in the new world of work
  • The journey from feeling abandoned, disconnected and frustrated to becoming truly Futureproof
  • 3 Futureproofing Keys that will unlock your unique value and superpower your career
  • Tools to adapt and grow in an ever-evolving cycle of impact

This book is big, bold and life-changing, designed to help you to get back in the driver's seat when it comes to your career, leadership, organisation and future.

It's time to come back to your power. It's time to discover your next career, leadership and life purpose. Achieve your alignment and highest influence, and amplify your positive impact.

Naturally Successful by Ingrid Messner (releasing in 2021, available now for pre-order)

How Wise Leaders Manage Their Energy, Influence Others and Create Positive Impact

The sustainability and social change challenges that we face in business and society today can be difficult to even think about. It is easy to lose optimism and hope. The amount of work to be done is overwhelming and...urgent!

Uncertainty, complexity and change are a constant. Many leaders are exhausted and frustrated by the lack of progress. Performance and wellbeing suffer.

Naturally Successful is for leaders who want to create positive change for people and planet...and be well at the same time.

You will learn how to:

  • Optimise your personal energy levels and mindset to be fully in charge and thrive
  • Connect more deeply with 'difficult' people and influence them without authority
  • Understand the influence of different environments and contexts on your work
  • Be a wise leader who can channel natural energy flows for better results

Drawing on decades of connecting organisational leaders with ancient wisdom traditions, the natural world, modern psychology and a systems view of life, the author guides us through a comprehensive leadership roadmap offering new perspectives and tools that enable leaders to face the mess we are in - in a calm and effective way.

Discover the Naturally Successful processes that will support you to feel energised, influential and impactful.

Phenomenal Teams by Garie Dooley

How Leaders Build High-Performance Teams That Last

Have you ever needed more from your team, despite how hard everyone appears to be working?

Have you grappled with why you're not consistently overdelivering, given the talent level on your team?

Or perhaps you've just sensed that something isn't quite right in your team, and wonder if anyone else feels the same way?

You are not alone.

Individual talent is overvalued and simply doesn't last. Instead, harnessing the collective talent of your team is the sustainable performance driver of performance you need. But how can you build not just a good team, but a Phenomenal Team?

In Phenomenal Teams you'll learn how to build a team that:

  • Feels safe to have real conversations - even the difficult ones that need to be had
  • Knows its purpose and is committed to the behaviours required for success
  • Demonstrates leadership across the whole team, not just at the top
  • Consistently delivers world's-best results - even without your continued involvement

Talented people want to be stretched, they want to grow, they want to achieve amazing things, and they want to be engaged and feel empowered. This book is your guide to building a Phenomenal Team that delivers exactly that and, in turn, to becoming a Legendary Leader yourself.

Reimagine Change by Ciara Lancaster

Escape change fatigue, build resilience and awaken your creative brilliance

It's not how agile you are...it's how emotionally resourceful and resilient you are that counts.

Do you struggle to cope with overwhelm, change fatigue and burnout at work? Do you lie awake at night, wondering how things got so bad for you and your team? Are you hoping that the pace of organisational change slows down rather than speeds up?

Rest assured, you are not alone.

If you're grappling to deal with seemingly never-ending change expectations in business and beyond, this book can help.

In Reimagine Change, author, speaker and change capability coach Ciara Lancaster shares a six-step framework for personal transformation, workplace resilience and leading through change. The book takes you on a journey of the mind, breaking down technical theories with the clever use of pop-culture movie references, creative metaphors and practical tips.

In just a few hours, you will be introduced to:

  • Tough realities for change leadership
  • Intrapersonal skills for change capability
  • Brain basics for stress management
  • Nervous system know-how for fear management
  • Subconscious mind strategies for mindset success
  • Imagination activation for creativity and co-creation

Whether you are suffering in silence yourself or wanting to lead your team through endless organisational change with more empathy, Reimagine Change is a must-read for anyone looking to become resilient, ready and resourceful.

Separate Ways cover

Separate Ways by Shaya Lewis-Dermody

Surviving Post-Separation Grief, the Stress of Divorce or Separation, and the Family Law Process

Have you recently separated?

Do you feel a sense of loss or grief?

Are you struggling to navigate your separation and family law matter?

Perhaps you don't feel like your 'normal' self. Perhaps you feel alone on this journey – everyone around you has carried on with their lives, but your life has changed significantly.

You are not alone.

Many of the emotions that you experience following separation are due to the sense of loss and grief following the breakdown of a relationship, the loss of a family, and the loss of your expectation of how your life should be.

Nobody goes into a relationship anticipating a breakup!

In Separate Ways, Shaya Lewis-Dermody explores the concepts of loss and grief following your relationship breakdown.

You'll discover:

  • An understanding of the stages of grief and loss in the context of separation, which, in turn, will help you to understand that it is okay to grieve.
  • Strategies to survive this period, including insights and tips from mental health professionals who work with separated families.
  • Practical advice from the perspective of an experienced family lawyer, including how to navigate the family law system.

Whether your separation has been amicable or you are experiencing high levels of conflict, Separate Ways is a must-read for anyone who has recently separated.

This Won't Be Pretty by Cassandra D'Alessio

First-Year Lessons for the Female Entrepreneur

Women entrepreneurs are often portrayed as aggressive, high-heeled alphas, out to disrupt the status quo or dominate the board room. Some are. Many are not.

This is a book for the latter. With a background in education and creative writing, Cassandra D'Alessio never intended to be a business owner. But after feeling unfulfilled in her career, she started and grew a successful marketing business without any real guidebook or role model. In This Won't Be Pretty, she now shares the lessons from her first year as an entrepreneur, including real-world tactics for businesswomen of all industries, backgrounds and personality types.

In This Won't Be Pretty, you'll learn how to:

  • Build an authentic brand that consistently represents your business
  • Find the right clients who you're best positioned to serve
  • Fire the wrong clients in order to grow your business
  • Adapt to the always-changing environment of entrepreneurship
  • Overcome failure and learn valuable lessons from it

From side-hustling accountants to app-designing engineers, female entrepreneurship is for all. Part memoir, part business strategy, This Won't Be Pretty is a real look at the chaos, humor and sometimes difficult lessons of your first year in business and how that first year can alter your life forever – in the best way possible.

Entrepreneur to Author by Scott A. MacMillan

5 STEPS to Writing and Publishing and Nonfiction Book That Builds Authority and Grows Your Business

Small business owners are struggling to stand out in authority-driven fields.

They’re losing deals to the competition, getting ignored by the media, and missing out on partnerships that could change the trajectory of their business.

Increasingly, entrepreneurs realize that authorship can help by building authority, generating quality leads, and providing IP that lets them efficiently scale their business. But most aren’t confident in their ability to become an author…until now.

In Entrepreneur to Author, you’ll learn:

  • The secret to a book strategy that’s in lock-step with your business strategy
  • How to efficiently plan, write, test, and refine a high-quality manuscript so you can tend to your business, family, and personal priorities
  • The ins and outs of getting your book published, including publishing models, costs, book formats, and distribution channels
  • The foundational strategy for building authority and the three monetization strategies you can use to grow your business with your book

Using analytical, business-minded concepts, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to become an outstanding first-time author, and in your book’s ability to build your authority and grow your business in a way that scales up without burning you out.

If you're an ambitious entrepreneur, business leader, or subject-matter expert whose business success depends on your personal authority and professional credibility, then Entrepreneur to Author is your strategy guide to building authority and growing your business through writing and publishing.