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The 4 best nonfiction book types for the entrepreneur writing a book

When you’re putting together a book as an entrepreneur-turned-author, one of the most important things to think about is which of the nonfiction book types you’ll use for your book.Your book type impacts the overall structure and content of your book. Without making this decision explicit, you’ll very likely end up writing with competing structures […]

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Writing goals on a typewriter

8 high-impact book goals of the entrepreneur-turned-author

At Grammar Factory, we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs write and publish books that help them build authority and create a platform for business growth. I’ve seen firsthand the value that entrepreneurs get from creating a long-form book. Their book provides a foundation for building their profile, generating qualified leads, developing profitable products, and scaling their […]

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Canadian Wilderness

Grammar Factory’s Carbon Neutral Publishing Commitment

 Once a Grammar Factory author publishes their book, their words live on for future generations to enjoy and learn from. To that end, we believe it’s important to be good custodians of our planet, for our own sake and for the sake of future generations.  The United Nations, in 2015, identified seventeen sustainable development goals (SDGs) designed to […]

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At-Risk Child

Grammar Factory authors gift education to at-risk kids

 Entrepreneurs are engines of change, transforming our world through their knowledge, expertise, and influence. In doing so, they transform your own life, and those of their families, their customers, and their communities.  At Grammar Factory, we’re passionate about this power for change and bringing entrepreneurs’ books into the world is our way of helping them do […]

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Grammar Factory 2020 Books

2020 Reading List – Grammar Factory Year in Books

 As in previous years, the Grammar Factory team had the pleasure of working with an amazing group of entrepreneurs and business leaders who are making a splash in their respective areas of expertise. They have immense knowledge and expertise to share, and we’re honoured to be able to publish their books and help them further […]

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Small business cafe in recession

Small business recession: 5 investments to make in a downturn

Governments around the world are working hard on both health and economic fronts. They’re trying desperately to fight back the escalating COVID-19 (novel coronavirus pneumonia) and its impending impact on the global economy. If like me, you’re in regular (non-physical!) contact with the entrepreneur community, you too have likely been debating how can small business […]

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black and white chess pieces on ipad

Nonfiction book strategy: Linking your book to your business

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs’ books fail to drive meaningful results because too often, business owners don’t treat their nonfiction book strategy with the same rigour as the rest of their business. If your book isn’t grounded in your business strategy, and if it isn’t approached with strategic thought, the result can feel disconnected.  An effective nonfiction book […]

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man reading in bookstore

Reader Strategy: How to make your book connect with your customers

As an experienced business-person, you understand the importance of knowing your customer. Your customer strategy allows you to tailor your branding, products, marketing, all your communications, in ways that feel personally relevant to the people you’re serving. As an author, your customer is your reader, and so it’s just as important to have a reader strategy […]

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Vintage Car Wreck

7 Mistakes the Entrepreneur Makes as a First-Time Author

Common wisdom tells us that “Everybody has a book in them”, and the stats back this up. More than 80% of people say they hope to become a first-time author.  Entrepreneurs are no exception. At Grammar Factory, we recently surveyed business owners. We found that even among this time-starved group, nearly 70% want to write a […]

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