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Meet the career coach who became an Amazon #1 bestseller

Meet Jane. 

The career coach who became an Amazon #1 best selling author. 

'I had a dream to make careers guidance affordable and accessible to the world.'

Jane Jackson is a Career Management Coach, host of the iTunes careers podcast Jane Jackson Careers, Telstra Business Women's Award Nominee in 2014 and 2016 and author of the #1 Amazon best seller Navigating Career Crossroads.

As a coach, Jane successfully empowered people to move on to their new careers, but was frustrated that she could only reach so many people through the one-on-one sessions and group workshops.

‘I had a dream – and I’d had this dream for so long because I know how important coaching is and having someone provide advice and guidance to you when you’re feeling lost and changing direction – to make careers guidance affordable and accessible to the world.’

The problem was she didn’t know how to scale her business to really make a difference.

So she decided to write a book!

The book is Navigating Career Crossroads, which covers all of the required elements to make a successful career transition through her seven-step CAREERS process:

  • Confidently manage change
  • Assess what makes you tick
  • Resumes and marketing communication
  • Express your professional image
  • Explore job search strategies
  • Relate your value at interviews
  • Strategies for carer success

Readers learn how to craft an attention-­grabbing resume, how to expand their career network, the best way to really work with recruiters, and how to dazzle their new employer through the interview process.

From a careers coach to a bestselling author and highly paid speaker

Jane’s book was published in November 2014 and by December it had reached #1 on Amazon Australia careers.

‘This skyrocketed my credibility as a coach and I’ve been published in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian Women’s Weekly, the Courier Mail, Career One, I’ve been interviewed on a number of local radio stations and a radio station in America contacted me after reading one of my articles on LinkedIn and interviewed me there, too. Their listenership is in the millions – it was incredible!’

She has also been approached to coach numerous new clients and has formed partnerships with executive recruiters and an international HR solutions training business, along with getting many paid speaking opportunities.

‘There is so much that can happen once you’ve got a book. I’ve been invited to speak at Westpac’s Women of Westpac luncheon, for the HR Leadership summit, the Australian Payroll Specialists Convention and the Reinvent Your Career Expo. It’s amazing how all of the speaking opportunities come up once you’ve got a book!’

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Jane wanted to reach a wider audience with her message, but didn't know how as a lone life coach. When she wrote her book, however, her reach skyrocketed.

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