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How one author’s book led to a 400% boost in referrals

Meet Natasha. 

The HR expert whose book led to a 400% increase in word-of-mouth referrals! 

'I never in my wildest dreams thought I would write a book.' 

Natasha Hawker is the founder and director of Employee Matters, an employee relations company that helps small businesses create exceptional performance through their employees.

‘I’m great at helping small business who have limited time and money hire great people, and just as importantly, fire non-performers. I’ve been nominated for Telstra businesswoman of the year, and I’ve hired, managed and fired over fifteen thousand employees.’

While Employee Matters was doing well, the business wasn’t successful enough considering all of the hours Natasha was putting in.

‘I was regularly working sixty to seventy hours a week. And the problem was that I actually knew I had a great product, but struggled on how to get that message out there.’

So she wrote a book – From Hire to Fire & Everything in between.

‘I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would write a book. At school, essays were never my strength. But I knew that having a book would help get my content out to the marketplace.’

Motivated by daily writing targets, competition and an accountability group, and compiling material she’d already published on her blog, over the next few months Natasha wrote over 65,000 words.

‘One of the challenges, is the discipline required to sit down day after day and type out your ideas. I also was so relieved when I got the first manuscript off and then I was amazed at the work still to do with the editing process, even with a brilliant editor.’

From Hire to Fire reveals Natasha’s ‘9 Step Employee Lifecycle’, the framework for all the factors involved and relevant templates to keep small business owners on track and out of court.

Word-of-mouth referrals went up by 400%!

Since getting published, Natasha has gotten interviews, speaking gigs and more press and is regularly featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, Startup Smart, Flying Solo, and the Australian Business Women’s network.

While writing book Natasha also interviewed the head of workers comp at a large insurance company. She returned to him with the final product in December of 2014 and he was so impressed that he ordered 50,000 copies!

As well as that major deal, word of mouth referrals to Employee Matters went up 400% and her business saw real growth as a result.

She is now working reasonable hours, seeing growth in her company and is having much more fun running her business.

‘I feel an enormous sense of pride when I look at my book or share a copy with a prospective client or see my sales results. There is a big chunk of credibility that comes with a book and sales become easier as a result. Plus I love it when I hear that someone has read my book and it has helped them or taken away their employee headaches.’

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Natasha's business was doing well, but not well enough to justify the time and energy she was putting in. Writing a book made all the difference.

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