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How one naturopath’s book reached an audience of millions

Meet Katherine. 

The naturopath who has reached an audience of millions and increased business by 30% because she wrote a book! 

'Although our client numbers were growing, it seemed like an endless process. And I wanted to do so much more.' 

Katherine Maslen is a naturopath, nutritionist, author and renegador for amazing health. In 2011 she founded Brisbane Natural Health, a wellness centre where her team provides chiropractic care, naturopathy, massages, acupuncture and counselling to overcome their clients’ health issues.

Katherine’s interest in natural medicine arose when she watched a close friend struggle for years with the autoimmune disease lupus.

‘I watched illness dictate the way Jenny lived her life. It seemed her medication list would keep growing as each new problem arrived. I witnessed her condition worsen until her journey ended at the age of 52. I knew there must be a better way than this.'

After Jenny’s death, Katherine decided to explore alternative options of healthcare which led her to study herbal medicine and naturopathy with Endeavour College of Natural Health.

After graduating Katherine started practising from a room under her house, and worked for another multi-modality clinic before launching Brisbane Natural Health.

‘I started Brisbane Natural Health to prove to people good health means so much more than not being sick – it can shape your life experiences and change the way you see the world. I want to bring health information to people in a fresh way and motivate them to make self-care a priority.’

While her business had experienced good growth, with strong client numbers and a growing team, after four years of working on the business, she still didn’t have the reach that she wanted, and didn’t know how to make the type of impact she wanted.

She also felt like they were constantly hustling to find new clients, and even though her practice’s client numbers were growing, it seemed like an endless process.

Then, in 2014 she published Get Well Stay Well: Reclaim Your Health and Get Back to Living.

Split into three sections – ‘Know Your Body’, ‘What’s the Problem’ and ‘How to Fix It’ with 20 nourishing recipes sprinkled throughout – Get Well Stay Well uses naturopathic principles to help people quickly realise when their body is out of balance and empower them with the knowledge to get their health back on track.

Rather than focusing on drinking green smoothies and cutting out sugar, Katherine wanted to teach readers how to nurture their bodies so they could live their lives fully using methods based on working with over 2,500 patients.

The results of getting published - national media coverage and 30% business growth!

Within 12 months of releasing her book, Katherine was featured on the Channel 9 Today Show, multiple radio stations around the country, over a dozen articles in major publications like Good Health, Well Being and Nature and Health magazine.

She even made the cover of Wellspring magazine, talking about how she's shaking up the natural health industry!

But what about the business results?

Since Get Well Stay Well and being in the media regularly, her practice's new clients have increased by 30%. And, rather than booking one session at a time, these clients are more likely to invest in 26-week packages to transform their health.

'Most of our clients now opt for our 26-week health transformation programs, rather than session to session care. So not only does that significantly improve our bottom line, it means we’ve gone from being a practice that helps people to fix health problems, to be able to really help them transform their lives.’ 

It wa​​​​sn't enough to have the knowledge

Katherine had knowledge that she knew could help others, but she didn't know how to reach more people with her message, or how to increase the impact she was having on her clients' health.

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