Tell your story, save a life

Tell your story, save a life

Everyone has a story to tell – but even the greatest stories often go untold. It’s hard to have your experiences and your thoughts be heard over everyone else’s. That is what makes writing your own book so beneficial; it is a way for you to share your story with the world.

In 2013 we interviewed the founder of The Clan Makers, and KasCare, and author of Clans – Supercharge Your Business, Sandy McDonald.

Since our interview, Sandy had the opportunity to share her knowledge and experiences at TEDx Melbourne, where she shared the story of KasCare – an organisation that helps the children orphaned in southern Africa as a result of HIV Aids and poverty.

Now numbering more than 12,000 from 54 countries, they have sent over half a million items to warm and comfort the children. They’ve touched an estimated 250,000 people world-wide, raising awareness of the plight of these children.

Watch her TED talk