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Outline a nonfiction book: 7 steps to building a book blueprint

When a first-time author sits down to outline a nonfiction book, the exercise is often a quick one — nothing more than sketching out a high-level table of contents. Unfortunately, that approach is insufficient and results in wasted time and effort. And all too often, it’s why authors suffer from the dreaded writer’s block. In […]

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The #1 reason 98% of entrepreneurs struggle

Imagine this scenario…You sign up for a business course or coaching program.Your coach makes you delve deep into the passion behind your business. They open your eyes to new possibilities and endless horizons. They build your confidence, telling you about the difference you could make and the impact you could have on the world.You realize […]

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The secret to standing out in your industry

When I got the interview for one of my first writing jobs, I was over the moon. I spent days researching the company, the industry and where it was going. I stalked people at the company on LinkedIn and even managed to have a pre-interview coffee with a former employee, which gave me inside information […]

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The ROI of Your Business Book

We aren’t just living in the information age anymore… we have entered the age of information overload! Between our smart phones, tablets and laptops we are bombarded with news items, blog posts, advertising, email, personal messages, tweets, articles, status updates and an inordinate amount of cat memes and inspirational misquotes. And most of what we […]

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Why every entrepreneur should write a book

Ken Dunn is the author of five books on sales, marketing and writing, which have sold over 250,000 copies in 10 languages worldwide. In this post, originally published on Entrepreneur.com, he shares why every entrepreneur should write a book.Want Clients to Know You Before a Pitch? Write a Book.In business today, entrepreneurs have the best chance […]

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Why Your Book is a Great Marketing tool

Some of us know we want to be authors. We know there’s a book in us, just waiting to come out. We yearn to see our names in print, and start impacting lives with our words.Some of us can’t be bothered. It would be nice to have a book, but it seems like a lot […]

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