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How to incorporate great interviews into your book

You have a great idea for a book – it’s about your area of expertise, you’re passionate about your subject, and you’re already thinking about the cover and marketing. Best of all, you have a large network you can contact for interviews. This is going to be awesome – with your happy clients and your […]

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Your 1-question content audit

Whether it’s video, blogging, podcasting or publishing books, for the last few years content marketing has been all the rage. Make a one-time investment of your time to develop a piece of content that can build a relationship with your audience and convert them into paying clients for years to come – what’s not to […]

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How to nail the blurb for your business book

While everyone says you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, the truth is that your potential readers are doing this every day. And it’s not just the front cover, either – in a printed book, your back cover is just as important. And the key to an attention-grabbing back cover is a gripping back […]

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Tell your story, save a life

Everyone has a story to tell – but even the greatest stories often go untold. It’s hard to have your experiences and your thoughts be heard over everyone else’s. That is what makes writing your own book so beneficial; it is a way for you to share your story with the world.In 2013 we interviewed […]

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The secret to standing out in your industry

When I got the interview for one of my first writing jobs, I was over the moon. I spent days researching the company, the industry and where it was going. I stalked people at the company on LinkedIn and even managed to have a pre-interview coffee with a former employee, which gave me inside information […]

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The ROI of Your Business Book

We aren’t just living in the information age anymore… we have entered the age of information overload! Between our smart phones, tablets and laptops we are bombarded with news items, blog posts, advertising, email, personal messages, tweets, articles, status updates and an inordinate amount of cat memes and inspirational misquotes. And most of what we […]

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Think content is king? Think again

Content is important – no argument here. After all, it doesn’t matter how much style you have if there’s no substance. However, for your content to have any impact, it needs to be delivered in an easily-digestible form. You create this with your structure.Why structure is so importantWhile many people think an editor focuses on […]

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Why every entrepreneur should write a book

Ken Dunn is the author of five books on sales, marketing and writing, which have sold over 250,000 copies in 10 languages worldwide. In this post, originally published on Entrepreneur.com, he shares why every entrepreneur should write a book.Want Clients to Know You Before a Pitch? Write a Book.In business today, entrepreneurs have the best chance […]

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Interview with author of The Payroll Revolution, Tracy Angwin

In episode 4 of Entrepreneur to Author, I speak to Tracy Angwin, founder of Australian Payroll Association, author of The Payroll Revolution, and the authority on payroll in Australia.Tracy’s company offers advisory services, education and specialist payroll recruitment services. While her business started strongly, she struggled to find new clients after picking the low-hanging fruit.However, everything changed […]

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