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Client case study: Natasha Hawker, author of From Hire to Fire

Natasha Hawker came to Grammar Factory for our Whole Shebang editing package in 2014. Over three rounds of edits, I saw her book, From Hire to Fire & Everything in Between, become a practical, valuable manual that any small business owner could use to find the right employees, avoid the legal and financial risks of recruitment, and […]

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How one lawyer’s book got her featured on national TV

Clarissa Rayward, the Happy Family Lawyer and first-time author, came to Grammar Factory for a structural edit in 2014.Her book, Splitsville: How to separate, stay out of court and stay friends, guides families through the legal issues associated with separation and divorce without causing unnecessary angst for partners or children.Why write a book?Clarissa had been wanting to write […]

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Client case study: the Crazy Mummy

Llew Dowley, the author of Crazy Mummy Syndrome, came to Grammar Factory as a first-time author in late 2013.At the time she had just gone into business as The Buzz Writer offering web content writing, website design and management services. However, being a new entrepreneur, Llew didn’t yet have the experience and case studies to write a […]

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Client case study: Warren Otter author of Crank it UP

Warren Otter was a first-time author who came to Grammar Factory for a structural edit of his book Crank It UP.Crank It UP is targeted at business owners who have successfully grown their businesses through the start-up phase and then through several years of strong growth only to start slowing down as they reach maturity. Through the […]

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Client case study: Miriam Sandkuhler, author of Property Prosperity

Miriam Sandkuhler was a first-time author who came to me for a structural edit for her book Property Prosperity.Her book teaches readers the seven steps to investing in property like an expert. “Whether you’re looking to purchase a home or an investment property, Property Prosperity gives you all the information you need to avoid common pitfalls, make successful […]

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