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Interview with author, Clan Maker and blogging expert Sandy McDonald

In Episode 2 of Entrepreneur to Author I speak to Sandy McDonald, founder of The Clan Makers, WhyYouMustBlog.com and KasCare, and author of Clans – Supercharge Your Business.After 22 years running a marketing communications company, she used passionate blogging to build an online community to help the children orphaned in southern Africa as a result […]

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Are self-published authors really authors?

Last week Dr Jim Taylor published a blog post on Seattle PI where he debated whether or not self-published authors are really authors (and whether or not they are really published, for that matter).From his post: “At the same time, the self-publishing industry has allowed anyone with a computer and a small amount of money […]

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Why Your Book is a Great Marketing tool

Some of us know we want to be authors. We know there’s a book in us, just waiting to come out. We yearn to see our names in print, and start impacting lives with our words.Some of us can’t be bothered. It would be nice to have a book, but it seems like a lot […]

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Why you should self-publish your book

In 2012 I was a snob. I believed that self-publishing was for amateurs, and any writer worth her salt would get a deal with a traditional publisher.Six months into 2013, my perspective flipped. Not only was I an advocate for self-publishing, but I created a business to work with self-publishing entrepreneurs.So why do I think […]

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But I don’t WANT to hire an editor!

I’m in an entrepreneurial coaching program where we’re all expected to write and self-publish a book. And, back when we had our in-person day on publishing, a number of the people in the room tried to argue that they didn’t need to hire an editor.Here’s why:I can do it myselfThe argument goes something like: English is […]

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