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Top 10 self-publishing posts of 2014

As the year winds to an end it’s easy to get caught up in the silly season. Then suddenly it’s mid-January and you haven’t written anything for a month, your editor is impatiently tapping her toe and you need to push your entire self-publishing process back.

Not anymore – browse through our 10 most popular self-publishing posts of 2014 to keep you motivated and moving forward over Christmas.

Post 10

Find out the 7 reasons why every entrepreneur should write a book – from credibility to lead generation, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Find out more.

Post 9

Learn from successful self-published entrepreneur Doyle Beuhler and the 6 things you need to know after you write your book. 6 things Doyle wished he knew before self-publishing.

Post 8

Discover the three key elements of every chapter in your nonfiction book. When you tick these boxes, finding content for and organising your chapter will be a piece of cake! Learn the three secrets to a strong chapter.

Post 7

Suffering chronic comma confusion? Learn these 5 compulsory commas to ensure you really do sound awesome in print. Keep reading.

Post 6

You have a great idea for a book, but is it a how-to book, a memoir, or something else? Check out this post for more information on these three structures, including which is right for you. Tell me!

Post 5

Torn between self-publishing or taking the traditional route? Take a look at this post for a clear breakdown on the pros and cons of each. Find your publishing option here.

Post 4

Wondering how to get your book into the hands of your target readers? Read this post to discover what you need in place before you put your book on Amazon. Top distribution tips.

Post 3

I know you’ve seen them doing the rounds – those pictures of apostrophes hanging out where they don’t belong, while deserting their rightful posts. Learn how to place apostrophes without embarrassing yourself here.

Post 2

Social media marketing is the hip version of the old book tours where authors trekked from city to city selling their books. But how do you do it well? Find out in this post.

Our top post

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when writing their books is failing to plan. But where do you start when you haven’t planned a book before? Discover the 5 steps to plan your book.